Is Shannon Ford dating Jay Cutler? Why was she fired from ‘Very Cavallari’? Dating history of Shannon

Is Shannon Ford dating Jay Cutler? Why was she fired from ‘Very Cavallari’? Dating history of Shannon

Just after seven months of the split from wife Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler was seen with Shannon Ford. Shannon was spotted having dinner with Jay to which she explained that there was nothing going on with Cutler. They were having lunch together with their mutual friend Mark “Chuy” Block in Charleston, South Carolina.

Ford said,

“People don’t realize this, I was with my mom and my grandma. That video didn’t show my mom and my grandma were there. That’s how not spicy it was.” 

Shannon Ford and Jay Cutler (Source: E! Online)

The video which she was talking about was posted by Jay Cutler on his Instagram account. Similarly, Shannon had no idea why Jay posted the video on Instagram as her mom and grandmother was not in the video. That video had raised an eyebrow for many as Kristin had fired Shannon from Very Cavallari. Her being in the video of Jay became a reason for people to speculate their dating rumors.

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Why was Shannon Ford fired from Very Cavallari?

Shannon Ford worked for Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry company before Very Cavallari began. She was fired from Very Cavallari by Kristin in the season 2 premiere. She was fired from her post as her company’s social media director due to her poor performance.

In the episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat, Shannon revealed that she went from being under Kristin’s wing to being frozen out. Ford has not talked with Cavallari since she left the show. Similarly, she revealed that Kristin threatened legal action after they parted ways as co-workers.

Ford said,

“[Kristin] sent me a message that was like, ‘You can’t do a brand deal for … ‘ and she listed, like, eight things I couldn’t do, and I was very bothered by that because I was, like, ‘Let a b—- get her f–king bag. Like, you are a millionaire dating another quadruple millionaire. I am a 23-year-old girl trying to pay rent.”

Shannon Ford and Kristin Cavallari (Source: E! Online)

Likewise, Shannon was told by Kristin that the brand deals and Instagram posts touting other companies were a direct violation of their non-compete agreement. Ford gave Kristin her lawyer’s number to talk about legal things.

Every guy Shannon dated

  • Michael Anthony Gelotte: In the year 2012, Shannon was in a relationship with Michael Anthony Gelotte. They met each other when they were attending the University of South Carolina. It is not known when they broke up but it seems like after splitting, she moved to Nashville.
  • Kyle Long: Shannon Ford had a short romance with Chicago Bears football guard Kyle Long. In July 2017, they made their relationship “Instagram official” after he posted a picture with her. But the picture has been deleted as they broke up shortly.
  • John Gurney: Shannon Ford was in a relationship with singer and artist John Gurney in December 2017. They dated for a while but broke up eventually.
Shannon Ford and John Gurney (Source: Us Weekly)

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Short bio on Shannon Ford

Shannon Ford is an American model and reality TV personality. She is best known for her appearance in the reality TV show, Very Cavallari. Read more bio…