Can sharks smell human blood from a mile and attack? YouTuber Mark Rober has the answer!

Mark Rober, 39 is an American engineer, inventory, and YouTuber. He is full of creative ideas and his videos show popular science and the making of do-it-yourself gadgets.

The myth about the shark attack

There is a myth that sharks attack when they smell human blood. People swimming in more deepwater used to be worried if they had a small scratch wound lest they get attacked by a shark. Hollywood movies tend to propagate these notions. How far is this true? No one actually has an idea or knows the answer. Hence YouTuber Mark Rober decided to test on the authenticity of this concept.

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Mark Rober and his experiment

The scientist Mark Rober and his team first went to the ocean in the Bahamas where there are many sharks. They took 4 surfboards and applied fish oil, cow’s blood, urine, and seawater on the surface of these separate surfboards. They then waited to see sharks were attracted to which surfboard. Mark saw that sharks came to the surfboard with cow’s blood more. There were few around the surfboard with fish oil and urine. But none of the sharks came to the surfboard with seawater.

Mark Rober and experiment no. 2

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After this experiment, Mark and his team set out to check whether human blood attracts the sharks more. They used three surfboards: one with nothing, one which oozes one drop of human blood per minute, and a third surfboard which trickles one drop every 4 seconds. Sharks came to none of the surfboards. Mark said:

“I think it’s safe to qualitatively say that if no sharks came to check out 15 drops of human blood a minute in the middle of shark-infested waters, you’re probably going to be okay with a small scrape,”

“There certainly won’t be some kind of feeding frenzy with a single drop of blood from all sharks within a mile.”

Swimmers, Rest assured…

This experiment breaks the myth that Hollywood and TV shows have perpetuated that sharks will come from a mile even with a single drop of blood. Hence swimmers can rest assured that their life in deep waters is not at an increased risk if they have a small scratch. But generally one should be cautious since sharks do attack humans sometimes.

Mark Rober and his career

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Mark was born in Orange County in California and is aged 39. He was inventing things right from his childhood days. Mark has a mechanical engineering degree from Brigham Young University and a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California. He joined NASA in 2004 and worked for 9 years there.

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Mark started creating videos for YouTube while he was at NASA. His videos started going viral and he gathered a number of followers on his channel. His videos are on several topics and give people knowledge as well as entertainment. The information he provides on his channel is useful for the day-to-day life of an individual and absolutely helpful.

He resides his Sunnyvale in California with his wife and a son. The son has autism.

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