Sharna Burgess Shares Photo of Her C-Section Scar After Giving Birth to Her First Child!

Sharna Burgess Shares Photo of Her C-Section Scar After Giving Birth to Her First Child!
Sharna Burgess shared a picture of her C-section scar on IG. source: People

Sharna Burgess gets real about her C-section experience

Sharna Burgess recently welcomed her first child, a boy with Brian Austin Green on June 28.

The ballroom dancer opened up about her experience with welcoming her first baby.

The Australian dancer shared a picture of herself with her C-section scar in a mirror selfie wearing a black sports bra and grey bottoms.

The 37-year-old wrote:

“I didn’t expect a C-section,” 

”I didn’t necessarily have a birth plan but even my relaxed go with the flow approach got tested when we were told this was the safest option.”

Sharna Burgess
Sharna shared a picture with her newborn Zane after his birth. source: Instagram

She also explained how her son tried so hard to get out as she endured more than 30 hours of labor.

In addition to that, the professional’s water broke twice.

After all the pain and long hours of labor, Sharna’s son, Zane arrived healthy and happy which was always the couple’s priority.

After the delivery, the star did know how to recover from the process. This was because she went in expecting a vaginal delivery and came out with a C-section.

The scar from the operation shocked Burgess and she was scared to look at her body for the first time afterward.

She recalled:

Sharna Burgess
Burgess also shared a picture of her one-week postpartum body with fans on IG. source: Instagram

”The incision and omg the swelling? I looked and thought “wow, I am utterly unrecognizable and my body has been through some serious s—. ” but of course it had… I grew a life inside me.”

While the pain of the labor was intense, Burgess was thankful that it was all worth it in the end.
She said:

“That miracle makes it all worth it. Physically mentally and emotionally postpartum is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.”

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Burgess pays homage to all the mothers

The Dancing with the Stars veteran opened up about what a wonderful experience it is to be a mother. The new mother saluted all the mothers saying:

“However, you delivered your baby, C- Section or vaginally, postpartum recovery is no joke.

”Women, we are incredible, remember that when you’re crying peeing for the first time, or unable to physically get yourself out of bed.”

Sharna Burgess
Burgess gave a shoutout to all the mothers. source: Page Six

“It’s painful and emotional but it’s beautiful and man… is it worth every single second ♥️ you’ve got this xx”

Well, this is not the first time, the dancing star has opened up about her one-week postpartum body on IG and how the new mother and baby have been adjusting.

Zane is the pair’s first child together but Green is already father to Journey River, and Bodhi Ransom, and Noah Shannon with ex Megan Fox, and also Kassius,20, with Vanessa Marcil.

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