Singer-Songwriter Rod Stewart opens up about his secret battle with prostate cancer over the last 2 years!

Singer-Songwriter Rod Stewart opens up about his secret battle with prostate cancer over the last 2 years!

He had held it a secret for the past few years. Singer-songwriter Rod Stewart revealed now his battle with prostate cancer. He was talking at the Prostate Undertaking charity in Surrey.

What exactly did Rod Stewart speak about his health?

Rod Stewart and his revelation

The occasion was the fundraiser event for the Prostate Undertaking charity in Surrey this weekend. Singer-Songwriter Rod Stewart was invited to it. He told The Every Day Mirror:

“Two years in the past, I used to be ­recognized with prostate most cancers.”

Rod Stewart spoke about his secret battle with prostate cancer (Source: Pinterest)

Rod, 74 further added:

Nobody is aware of this, however I believed this was about time I informed everyone. I’m within the clear, now, just because I caught it early. I had so many exams.”

Rod Stewart speaks on the importance of early cancer detection

Rod took this opportunity to highlight to people that early diagnosis of cancer plays a pivotal role in its prognosis. He explained:

“Guys, you’ve actually acquired to go to the physician. In case you’re optimistic, and you’re employed by it and you retain a smile in your face… I’ve labored for 2 years and I’ve simply been completely satisfied, and the nice Lord sorted me.”

Rod said that he is now cancer-free and in remission since this July.

Rod Stewart after two years and with treatment is free of prostate cancer (Source: Hello magazine)

Singer Rod Stewart and his previous health issues

The singer Rod had thyroid cancer in the past. This was 2 decades back. In 2001 in an interview with Diane Sawyer, Rod had spoken at length about this growth in his thyroid gland.

The doctors had discovered a cancerous tumor in his thyroid and he was advised excision. Rod underwent surgery for its removal and has been in remission for it ever since.

Rod had thyroid cancer in 2000-2001which and required surgical excision (Source: Fox News)

The famed singer Rod had thyroid cancer in 2000-2001which required surgical excision (Source: Hello magazine)Recalling that hour, Rod had said:

“It was a horrible shock… There’s all the time the thought, ‘I am gonna reside eternally,’ such as you do. And hastily, you understand you may’t, and it may strike anyone any age. Irrespective of who you might be, it may minimize you down.”

He said he was fortunate to get a second lease of life after it.

Rod Stewart and his last month’s celebration

Just last month, Rod’s daughter Kimberly turned 40. She is in Los Angeles and everyone celebrated the great day with her.

The snap was a rare one since in it were seen four of the baby mammas with whom he fathered seven kids. Despite the breakups, he has remained close to all of them and kept the family closely knit. This is incredible and laudable!

Rod with his four baby mamas (Source: Instagram)

Rod was in the center and beside him was his current wife, Penny Lancaster, 48. Then there was an actress and his first wife Alana Stewart, 74 (mother of Kimberly), his former girlfriend model Kelly Emberg, 60, and Rod’s second wife and New Zealand model, Rachel Hunter, 49. Kelly Emberg shared a picture on her Instagram and joked:

“A mothers’ reunion.”

The baby mamma missing in the pic was Susannah Boffey and their daughter Sarah Streeter, 56. Susannah had said in 2013:

The reality is that he’s got a daughter whose life he messed up for a very long time — and my life, too,”

But daughter Sarah has pardoned her biological father and had earlier said:

I used to be like Susannah, full of resentment, but then I realized that dwelling on the past doesn’t get you anywhere.’

Short Bio on Rod Stewart

Sir Roderick David Steward is a British rock singer and songwriter. His evergreen songs include ‘Tonight’s The Night’, ‘You Wear It Well’, ‘You’re In My Heart’, ‘The Killing of Georgie,’ ‘Maggie May,’ etc. Similarly, he is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. As he has sold over a million records worldwide. Moreover, he was listed as No. 17 by the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists. More Bio…

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