Check out the 7 types of Single people to find out which one are you!

Check out the 7 types of Single people to find out which one are you!
Types of Single (Source: Crosswalk)

Being ‘single’ is defined as the state of being unmarried or not in a romantic partnership. It is the term for not having any romantic partner at all. Here are the types of single people.

1) Never been in a relationship – Single

The first type of single is a person who has never been in a relationship. These kinds of people have never experienced being in a relationship and are waiting for the perfect one.

State of being single
State of being single (Source: Joan Amanwi – Medium)

2) In a secret relationship

This kind of person is in a secret relationship but claims to be single. They hide their relationship from others and when asked claim to be single and deny being in a relationship with anyone.

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3) Single due to bad experience

Some people stay single due to their bad experiences from previous times. Some people feel that their next relationship might be as bad as their previous one so they prefer staying single over dating. They are healing from the previous relationship and focusing on themselves.

4) Independent Single

The independent single is those who are staying single as they don’t want to be dependent. These people feel the pride to stay single and think being in a relationship might make them weak.

Independent single
Independent single (Source: Bolde)

5) Single who can’t wait to mingle

Those people who are single but are waiting to get in a relationship. These people can’t wait to start dating and mingle. Flirty people may also come in this type of singlehood.

6) Newly single

Newly single are those who just ended their relationship or marriage. People who had a divorce or split from their partner fall into this category. The newly single have chances of getting back to the old partner or finding a new one.

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7) Unrequited single

The unrequited single is those who love someone but their feelings are not understood by the person they have immense love for. The other person does not feel the same way they feel for them.

One-sided love
One-sided love (Source: Medium)