How Social Media Is Leading To Pressurized Relationship, Anxiety, And Affecting The Growth Of Children?

Social media is a big part of the life of this generation of people. They spend hours of their day scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. People are affecting their lives with the numbers and the validity of the Internet. This has caused a severe impact on the relationships, mental health, and also the growth of the children.

Social media influence on a pressurized relationship?

The Internet is a great way to connect with people throughout the world and make friends. However, it is making an impact of pressuring an individual to have a certain look at their relationship. People nowadays tend to share a lot of their intimate life on the Internet.

This can bring the downfall of your relation with your friends or partners. Having thousands of people judging you and your partner on the way you expose yourself can have a bad impact on your mental health.

Social media creates pressure on the relationships (Source: Zoosk)

When you see a couple having a perfect relationship on social media, this pressures you indirectly to want the same in your life. However, people don’t realize that everything they see on their mobile screen may not be the exact truth.

Flaunting pictures of you and your partner gives you the pressure of maintaining the perfect relationship on your Instagram page. On the other hand, viewers watching them question their own relationship watching the couple on the screen. This creates chaos between you and your partner for both presenter and the viewer.

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Internet is the big reason for anxiety on teens

With the growing popularity of the Internet in our daily life, people let the screen on our palm affect our mental health. And the numbers and virtual popularity is a huge thing in teenagers life these days.

Especially for the people creating content on the virtual world, they let the numbers give a very huge impact on who they are. Many YouTubers every year let them be free from their virtual world and focus on their mental health.

Social media affects the mental health of teens (Source: Orissa Post)

While for some popularity and numbers create stress and anxiety which is a threat to their mental growth. Social psychologists have noticed repetitive patterns of catastrophizing, black-and-white thinking, and overgeneralizing.

People have an epidemic of anxiety and depression, especially on teens and college-going students. Teens have a huge problem of coping with the majorly fast-moving virtual world which is a huge part of their life.

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Social media affecting the growth of children

According to the psychologist, the Internet has a very bad impact on the growth of the children. This is causing more harm than giving knowledge to them.

Children are involved more scrolling on their phones rather than getting out and socializing on the real world. This causes the addictive nature of children having a bad impact on their sports, education, and mental growth.

Social media has a bad impact on the growth of children (Source: The Tot)

This also led children to get away from their real-life and real relationships with their friends and family. Social media is making kids very fragile and weak both mentally and physically. It is also having a bad impact on their communication skill verbally and non-verbally. Children who are more engaged on their phone has a weak power to engage with the people in the real world.