Soyabean oil linked to genetic and neurological changes, a new study states!

How safe is the edible oil that you are consuming daily in your kitchen? Most of the Americans consume soyabean oil. But a new research has shown that it can cause genetic and metabolic changes.

Soyabean oil and its latest research

US Department of Agriculture has reported that soyabean oil is by far the most produced and consumed edible oil in the US. It is utilized in fast foods frying, as an addition to packaged foods, and also fed to livestock.

US consumes more of soyabean oil (Source: Eurek Alert)

A new study from UC Riverside has revealed that soyabean oil causes obesity and diabetes. Additionally, it leads to neurological problems such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and neurosis such as anxiety and depression. Hence it is not a healthy food item.

More about the study

This new research is in Endocrinology Journal compared three groups of mice. One group was fed soyabean oil, the second group was given soyabean oil low in linoleic acid and the third mice group consumed coconut oil. In 2017, the research team had found that soyabean low in linoleic acid causes less of obesity and diabetes in consumers.

Soyabean oil causes genetic and metabolic changes in mice (Source: Pinterest)

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In this study, the effect of soyabean on brains of the mice fed soyabean oil (natural or modified) was,profound especially on the hypothalamus. The lead author of the study, Margarita Curras-Collazo said:

“The hypothalamus regulates body weight via your metabolism, maintains body temperature, is critical for reproduction and physical growth as well as your response to stress,”

The oil affected the genes in mice and dropped oxytocin levels of the hypothalamus. Many other genes in mice were affected by soyabean oil diet.

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Are all soya products bad?

But it does not mean that all soya products are bad. Frances Sladek, a UCR toxicologist said:

Do not throw out your tofu, soymilk, edamame, or soy sauce,” 

Many soy products only contain small amounts of the oil, and large amounts of healthful compounds such as essential fatty acids and proteins.”

Soya products (Source: Eurek Alert)

Can one extrapolate mice studies to humans? No, we require human studies as well to confirm this genetic effect of the oil on the brain. The study included only male mice as candidates. Hence female mice should also be part of this study.

Besides, one needs to know which chemical in the oil is the culprit for the damage. It is not definitely linoleic acid since soyabean oil modified to have low linoleic acid also induced genetic changes in the experimental group. The team of studies are doing more studies. But the take-home message for now is:

If there’s one message I want people to take away, it’s this: reduce consumption of soybean oil,” 

Source: Eurek Alert