Spoiler Alert! Know All About Dark Triad of Black Clover That Only True Fan of Black Clover Would Know

Spoiler Alert! Know All About Dark Triad of Black Clover That Only True Fan of Black Clover Would Know
Dark Triad (Source: Pinterest)
  • The Japanese Manga and Anime series, Black Clover has been going through various twists and turns that have been keeping its viewers intact with the series.
  • In the series, Spade Kingdom has been introduced and there are many mysteries that are going to be revealed.
  • Dark Triad is one of them.

What is Dark Triad?

The Dark Triad is the Trio Mages of the Spade Kingdom. Also, he happens to be the ruler of the kingdom. They seized all the royal power from the House Grinberryall (Actual Royal Family of Spade Kingdom).

Spade Kingdom Symbol
Spade Kingdom Symbol (Source: Pinterest)

The Triad will make its appearance in the Manga Episode 227. Also, know who are the members of the Dark Triad?

Know their objectives

As of now, the dark triad is exploiting the citizens of the kingdom as the source of their power. The major objective of the trios mages to open the Tree of Cliffhoth which happens to be the magical channel that would connect the demon world with the existing world.

That allows him to use the 100% magic of their respective devils. To open the Tree of Cliffhoth, they need two magical attributes that happen to be the dark magic of Yami Sukehiro and the world tree magic of William Vongens.

Dante Zogratis

Dante Zogratis was born in the Spade Kingdom. Being dissatisfied with his life, he joined the military of the kingdom. However, killing the military from other kingdoms doesn’t give any sort of satisfaction to him.

Later, with other members of the dark triad, he captured the Spade Kingdom. Soon, he became the host body for the devil Lucifer alongside other members of the dark triad who became the host of other devils.

Dante Zogratis
Dante Zogratis (Source: Pinterest)

Talking about his magic, he uses the spade Grimoire which contains various body-based magic spells. Using the grimoire, he is able to manipulate his body tissues. Also, it allows him to repair and alter his physique as per his desire.

Besides that, he is able to use gravity magic that allows him to manipulate gravity. Using gravity magic, he is able to weaken gravity that allows him to float. By strengthening the gravity force, he can slam things with a large force.

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Vanica Zogratis

Vanica Zogratis is the sister of Dante Zogratis and a member of the Dark Triad. Also, she is the one who cursed Acier Silva, the mother of Nozel Silva.

Vanica Zogratis
Vanica Zogratis (Source: xrayderx)

She happens to be the host body of the devil named Megicula. Talking about his magical attribute, she holds the spade kingdom grimoire full of blood-based magic. She possesses blood magic. Using that magic, she is able to generate and manipulate blood-based magic. Also, she has curse-warding magic that allows her to create powerful curses.

Zenon Zogratis

Zenon Zogratis is one of Zogratis siblings and a Black Triad member. He is the most merciless among the Black Triad. Currently, he is possessed by the devil. However, the identity of his devil is not disclosed yet. As of now, he is able to use only 80% of the devil’s power.

Zenon Zogratis
Zenon Zogratis (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards his magical attribute, he possesses the Bone Magic. The magic enables him to use to manipulate and generate the bones. Also, he can regenerate bones very fast and use them in a defensive and offensive manner.

Besides that, he also can use spatial magic similar to Finral Roulacase. Also, he possesses the spade grimoire that has various bone-based magic spells.

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