Spoiler alert! You will be shocked after knowing these five characters of Jujutsu Kaisen will die

Spoiler alert! You will be shocked after knowing these five characters of Jujutsu Kaisen will die
Jujutsu Kaisen (Source: IMDB)

Jujutsu Kaisen has been one of the most popular Japanese anime in adventure-based supernatural genres. Yuji Itadori, Nobara Kugisaki, and Satoru Gojo are some of the most popular characters of the anime. However, you will be saying goodbye to some of the famous characters as they will be dying soon.

Know all about the five characters who are going to die and know the reason behind the death.

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5. Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto happens to be one of the hatred characters of the Jujutsu Kaisen as he is portrayed as the villain of the series. As there are plenty of hidden stories in the anime, Suguru Geto in the anime will soon be revealed as the fake Geto. Soon. it is going to be discovered that, Geto was long gone killed by Satoru Gojo.

Suguru Geto
Suguru Geto (Source: fandom)

Also, it will be revealed that the dead body of Geto is being manipulated by an ancient sorcerer, Kenjaku.

4. Kokichi Muta

Kokichi Muta happens to the student at the Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College. In the 1st season of the Jujutsu Kaisen, the character was renowned for fighting with the Panda during student exchange events.

Kokichi Muta
Kokichi Muta (Source: YouTube)

In the episode, he shared his health problem such as not having arms and legs at the time of his birth. The same medical condition will become the cause of his death. Mahito and Suguru Geto will promise to give him a body if he trades information in exchange. His strong desire will make him a traitor. He will die by the hand of Mahito.

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3. Masamichi Yaga

Masamichi Yaga is the principal of the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. The character in the series is extremely popular for his cursed corpse technique. Using this technique, he created the Panda an abrupt mutated cursed corpse.

Masamichi Yaga execution
Masamichi Yaga execution (Source: Aimehunch)

In chapter 147, Even Pandas of the manga, the death of the character is made confirmed.  Yoshinobu Gakuganji, principal of Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College will execute Yaga.

2. Kento Nanami

Kento is probably one of the most liked characters in the series, Jujutsu Kaisen. The character first introduced in the 18th chapter in the manga and the 8th episode of the anime. In the anime, Kento is a lovable character who also mentored Yuji Itadori during his initial phase.

Kento Nanami
Kento Nanami (Source: deviantart)

Despite the loveable nature of the character, Kento is going to die by one of the supervillains of the series, Mahito. He will die on the watch of Yuji during the Shibuya Incident Arc. At the time, Kento was trying to save Yuji from Mahito. After that, Yuji goes after Mahito.

1. Toji Fushiguro

As of now, the character has never made his appearance in the anime. However, once he has been discussed as the father of Megumi Fushiguro. In the episode, only a few things to Toji were revealed. Such that, how Toji sold his son, Megumi to the Zenin family. Hence, there are many things that are yet to unfold in the anime.

Toji Fushiguro
Toji Fushiguro (Source: danbooru)

However, the manga of the anime has made sure that on its chapter name 113, he is going to die. The death will take place at a tragic point the time when both son and father are fighting against each other to the death.

In the chapter, it will be revealed that Toji will is the vessel for the cursed spirit, Carnage. During the battle, he comes to know that Megumi is his son. After that, he will kill himself by stabbing in his head. At the time, he is proud of his son.


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