The spokesperson for dog walking app, Olivia Munn updates her Reddit fans about the missing dog from Battery Park!

Last Thursday 13 June 2019, a dog walker for the app “Uber for dog walking” stole a couple’s dog from Battery Park building. The police were alerted and NYPD managed to catch the culprit and retrieve the stolen pooch. Wag celebrity spokesperson actress Olivia Munn gave an update on it to her fans and thanked NYPD for their excellent job.

Olivia Munn and her Reddit AMA update

People and her Olivia Munn’s fans were aware that a dog named Benny has gone missing from Battery Park area and the police were trying to trace it. Olivia is a spokesperson and investor in the app. A Reddit AMA user asked her:

“Have you all found that dog that was stolen yet?”

Olivia promptly addressed this controversy and said:

“Yes!! Thank god! That’s why I was late to the AMA, I’ve been up all night,”

Source: Gotceleb (Olivia Munn on Billboard Music Awards 2017)

She continued:

“I wanted to make sure we got Benny home safe with Sophie and Max. Huge huge gratitude to the NYPD and Detective Kaufman for working so hard and moving so fast to bring Benny home,”

About the robbery of dog Benny

Benny is a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix. The owners of this pet dog are Max Troper and Sophie Troper. Benny had disappeared from the couple’s Battery Park home in a building on this Thursday 13 June 2019. The police entered the scene and started their investigation.

The police suspected that a walker from the Uber for dog walking app might have committed the crime since these people are the only ones who have access to a spare key of the home.

Source: E!Online (Olivia Munn makes red carpet appearance )

They sprung into action and identified the culprit as Christian Madriaga, 22 of the app company.  The police then arrested Christian on burglary charges. There has been no official statement forthcoming from the police. It is also not known whether Christian has pleaded guilty of the crime or not.

Wag thanks NYPD

People were happy and thrilled by the action of the local police. The Wag released a statement after the police found the dog which read:

 “The entire team at Wag! is thrilled that Benny has been found and is home safely with his parents. We thank the New York Police Department officers involved in finding Benny.”

About Wag!

This is a company with an app which started in 2015. It does on-demand dog walking for the owners of dogs. Their website claims that it creates joy for the dogs and those who love them. The service is now available in 43 states of the US and in 110 cities.

The app boasts of trustworthy and experienced dog walkers but the present incident does not seem to support it. They also have boarding hosts and sitters in the community.

Source; Pinterest (Wag!)

The website also claims that they rigorously check the credentials of every sitter or walker before they approve them for the job. It provides owners with more flexibility to manage their time and life properly.

The app also states that it donates a portion of its proceeds to GreaterGood Org’s Rescue Bank. They have thus provided more than 8 million meals to shelter dogs of the USA.

Short Bio on Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is an American actress, model, comedian, and television personality. She is also a successful fashion model. She has become the face of advertisements like Nike, Pepsi, Neutrogena, and Hewlett Packard. In 2016, she played the role in the movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. More Bio…

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