Sport anchor Neil Everett’s married life with his longtime girlfriend Stephanie Krohn…

Sport anchor Neil Everett’s married life with his longtime girlfriend Stephanie Krohn…
  • It is really difficult to handle a booming career and a personal life at the same time.
  • We have to compromise one to balance another.
  • And some people can not give proper time to their personal life which led them the misunderstanding in their marital life but it’s miracle when we get to know that the famous anchor Neil Everett is balancing both personal life and professional life.

Let’s see how is he doing these all.

Something about Neil’s married life

West Coast’s sportscaster, Neil Everett exchanged wedding vows with his longtime girlfriend Stephanie Krohn in Oregon on July 18, 2013.

They had a beach wedding and got married in an intimate wedding ceremony, followed by the reception held at an art gallery.

Neil and Stephanie met in the year 2008 at a fundraiser program at the Tiger Woods Center where Neil was hosting the program, and Stephanie worked there. But it was not the first time they crossed paths.

The couple attended school at the University of Oregon together, without knowing they were bound to be life partners. Neil prefers privacy in his personal life and the least information about his love life with his wife.

Source: People (Neil with his girlfriend)

His secrets to balancing married life and a booming career

In an interview back in May 2015, Neil shared that he is blessed to have a career as a sportscaster and poured out his thoughts as,

“I can’t believe that this is my life, I’m in awe that I’m doing what I’m doing. I’ve been very, very blessed.”

Neil joined ESPN in 2000, and today, he is a part of those personalities whom he used to admire from far. He shared his first day of ESPN as,

“When I walked into ESPN that first day and saw all those people, I couldn’t believe it, if I walk in there tomorrow, back in Bristol, and I see all those people, it’s hard to believe that I’m one of those people.”

Neil even shared that his grandfather, Neil Moffitt Sr. played football on the 1920 Ducks team and his allegiance to the programs started at that moment,

“When I was here, going to the football game was secondary to going to the football tailgate,” 

Moreover, he shared his reason for moving to Hawaii.

“In ’82, I went to Hawaii for the first time, and wondered why everybody didn’t live there, So in ’85, I moved there.”

Neil revealed something regarding the Civil War of 1984, which would surprise his fans.

“I’ve never been to a Civil War since just because I was so proud of the fact that that was the last one I went to,”

Source: (Neil with wife)

Short Bio on Neil Everest

Neil Everett is an American sportscaster for ESPN. He is the co-anchor of the West Coast edition of SportsCenter alongside Stan Verrett. More Bio…