Spread of Misinformation! YouTube is responsible for fueling the flat Earth theory!

YouTube is the most-watched online platform. It gives entertainment as well as information. But not all information is right on it. There are many wrong beliefs propagated on this platform and the flat-Earth theory is one of them.  The videos on it are convincing people that the Earth is flat!

YouTube and its flat Earth theory

The famous YouTube is the video-sharing platform which is most powerful and most-viewed. But what does one do when it spreads wrong information? The believers of flat Earth theory has risen and most of them have picked it up from YouTube, a study showed. Such spread of the non-scientifically proven and backed date could be hazardous in the long run!

Source: The Sun [Flat Earth theory]
Professor Asheley Landrum from Texas Tech University is disturbed by all the misinformation in the videos on this platform. Asheley told The Guardian newspaper:

“There’s a lot of helpful information on YouTube but also a lot of misinformation.”

Believing the Earth is flat is of itself is not necessarily harmful, but it comes packaged with a distrust in institutions and authority more generally.”

What does Professor Asheley Landrum feel is the solution?

The Professor has some suggestions to overcome the wrong information quoted and spread on YouTube. Asheley said:

“The only tool we have to battle misinformation is to try and overwhelm it with better information.”

Source: YouTube [Flat Earth theory]
Asheley feels that to counteract this misinformation, the scientific world should produce its own YouTube videos which provide the right information.

What is YouTube doing about all this?

YouTube should have in place some regulations to stop the spread of misinformation through its platform. It has recruited some people who try to remove the videos with abuse or harsh languages used in it against others or an association. But it is unlikely that the platform has any scientific person on board to actually tell them where the information is wrong or non-evidence-based. The general people they hire for ‘clean-up’ will not have the required know-how and qualifications to pick up the fallacies and notify or correct them.

Source: Vox [Flat Earth theory vs Reality]
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In 2018, YouTube did some changes in order to help bloggers earn more money through their platform. It also took some steps to counteract the heavy criticism it is facing regarding the video contents. Also, there were a lot of issues related to its advertising policies. But the platform was unable to have any concrete decision on it. It wants to satisfy all but was unable to do so. Any changes in the advertising policies meant that the bloggers would earn less revenue which may make them disinterested in putting up videos on YouTube.

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There is still a long way to go before YouTube can really become what it is meant to be-an infotainment place and a great educational tool!

Source: GMX UK