St. Patrick’s parade in Staten Island, New York continues to ban LGBT people from its march!

There is a story of the Japanese soldiers who did not know that the world War has ended and continued to fight in isolation for quite some time after. There are such people even in this era. We are talking about the St. Patrick’s Parade in Staten Island in New York which has taken no notice of the worldwide fight for the LGBT community. It continues to exclude them from its annual march even now.

Staten Island St. Patrick’s day march

Times have changed and people globally ate talking about inclusion and diversity in every field and walk of life. But it looks like these changes seem to have not reached the Staten Island St. Patrick’s day Parade organizers. Or is it that they deliberately are not heeding to it?

St Patrick’s day Parade (Source: YouTube)

Because the organizers continue to not allow the gay groups from marching in the parade. But the heartening thing is that it is the only Irish parade in the city which prohibits the entry of gay groups. All the other groups now allow, gay people to march in the parade. But with each passing year, this decision of the organizers only grows more baffling and also damaging.

More about this tainted parade

The New York city authorities are already not in favor of this attitude of the organizers of Staten Island parade for St Patrick’s day. Therefore, they treat it like a redheaded stepchild. But due to it, the parade committee is doing Staten Island no favors and its relations campaign for the public is a big disaster.

Five years ago, even Cardinal Timothy Dolan accepted that he has no problem with Irish LGBT groups joining the St Patrick’s day Parade.

Gay participation in St Patrick’s day Parade (Source: The Impact News)

Besides, this week the Ancient Order of Hibernians distanced itself from the Staten Island parade due to its exclusion of gay community. Hence the organizers of this specific parade appear to be more Catholic than the two above!!!

Additionally, even the Pope had questioned and suggested to the world people that no one has the right to judge the gay people.

What Staten Island parade organizers say?

Larry Cummings is the parade organizer who speaks quite tersely. He had said recently:

“Here’s the deal. It’s a non-sexual identification parade and that’s that.  No, they are not marching. Don’t try to keep asking a million friggin’ questions, okay? The fact of the matter is that’s what it is, okay? And that’s that.”

Such thinking is unwelcome in the New York City of 2020. And the most important point is that the parade uses city money which is paid to city workers.

St. Patrick’s day Parade (Source: LoHud)

This is in the form of money paid to police personnel who are assigned for the safety of the parade. Public officials attend it, public funds are diverted to it, and city sanitation workers clean the mess on the next day.

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And this wrong exclusion will affect the Irish-American closeted teenager of Staten Island who feels suffocated due to his exclusion from the parade. But the adamant attitude of the organizers will only make their parade a lonely affair. And also lose the possibility of getting public funds for it. Many celebrities have boycotted the Sunday event.

Source: Irish Central