Stacey Solomon is pregnant and she teared up as she made the great announcement!

Stacey Solomon was in tears! She and her boyfriend Joe Swash made a special appearance on Loose Women just after they announced that Stacey is pregnant with Joe’s baby. As the couple was giving their update on their growing family, Stacey’s eyes welled up. She was overwhelmed.

Stacey Solomon is pregnant!

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash recently moved in together and now Stacey is pregnant with Joe’s child. The couple announced about it on their respective Instagram and was overjoyed. They said that they could not stop crying since they learned about it.

Stacey shared a picture of her ultrasound scan on Instagram for her fans. She wrote that she is too emotional and cannot think of anything else to say.

Source: Hello magazine (Stacey and Joe)

She wrote a short caption:

“Every time I go to write anything I sob so… what he said,”

Joe also uploaded pictures of Stacey sleeping and jokingly wrote that he thought that she was bored senseless of him. He added that he now knows that she still loves him and his company. It is that she is just growing a baby now. He wrote:

“I can’t begin to describe how happy we are to be able to share this wonderful news. We’ve been so blessed with 3 incredible children that we’ve had the privilege of raising and we are forever grateful to have the chance to become parents to another wonderful child.”

He continued:

“It’s all very overwhelming and emotional and we couldn’t be happier right now.”

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash on Loose Women

The couple also appeared on Loose Women show. Stacey said:

“I am so elated and excited. We really can’t believe we are privileged to have another child. I honestly don’t know what to say, it’s almost, I’m almost coming to terms with it, it’s such a massive thing and I still haven’t quite come to terms with it, so it’s like I don’t really know what to say!”

Source: Hello Magazine (Stacey)

She added:

“We felt it was important to keep it to ourselves until we felt really safe. We didn’t find out till a certain point, then we had to let our family and our children know, then there is that part of you that even though you are ready and know it is the right time to tell people, you still think, I do want it to be just ours for a little while longer!”

Joe stated:

“I’m really chuffed, so happy to have the secret out, it’s been so long and we are so excited. We’ve had to keep it undercover, so now it’s nice we can breathe and let people know. This child is going to tie up the family, so my kid and your kids are both going to feel they are part of this whole big family. I’m so chuffed.”

The couple got sweet gifts on the show including a babygro with the words Congratulations Stacey and Joe written on it and a bouquet of flowers. Their celebrity friends congratulated them.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash and their love story

Source: Hello magazine (Stacey and Joe)

When Stacey was 17, she became pregnant with her then-boyfriend Dean Cox. Their son Zachary was born on 21 March 2008 but the couple had split by then. She dated and got engaged to Aaron Barnham and her second child Leighton was born on 5 May 2012. She and Joe have been together since 2015. Joe also has a son from a previous relationship.

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