Some of the strange and weird Wills of celebrities!

A Will-a dead man’s wishes put on paper as regards the distribution of his wealth and assets after his death. How much these are respected by people and the law-do not know. But yes, some of them have some strange and unique clauses and named beneficiaries. Some of the celebrities have also penned such odd wills. Let us know about them!

Napoleon Bonaparte

French man Napoleon Bonaparte died in 1821 at the age of 52. He had written down his last will. This stated that after his death, his followers should shave his head and distribute the hair amongst his friends. It is not certain whether this was done but considering his tall stature, his last wishes might have been carried out.

Source: History Extra (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Benjamin Franklin

The British statesman and politician Benjamin Franklin was a smart person. He expired in 1790 at the ripe old age of 84. In his will, he stated that his daughter can have 408 diamonds. But the condition is that she should not convert these diamonds to jewelry. He did not want to start the trend of wearing jewels in this country since he felt that it was a useless, vain, and expensive thing to wear jewels. But it does not appear that she followed his last wishes. She had the jewels and wore them as well.

Dusty Springfield

This pop singer of the 1960s Dusty Springfield had put down specific instructions in her will. It was not related to her money or estate but it was regarding her pet cat named Nicholas. She wanted the cat to be fed imported baby food daily. He should be allowed to reside in their indoor tree house. When Nicholas sleeps at night, his bed should be lined with Dusty’s nightgown pillowcase. Also, he should be put to sleep with her old records playing in the background. Dusty also wanted her cat to be married to her friend’s female cat. And all of her wishes were fulfilled.

Leona Helmsley

Source: The New Yorker (Leona and her Maltese puppy Trouble)

Leona Helmsley was an American hotel owner. She had a lot of wealth and died in 2007. Her Will stated that $ 10 million should go to her brother, $ 5 million should go to her grandsons, but a larger chunk of her money ($ 12 million) she left for her Maltese dog named Trouble. She had excluded two of her grandsons from the inheritance. The dog received dozens of death threats and kidnapping threats after she inherited such a huge amount of money.

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Leona’s brother refused to take care of Trouble and she was flown from New York to Florida. She lived a rich well-taken-care-of life in Florida in Sarasota. The general manager of Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel Carl Lekic took care of the dog. Trouble died in 2011.

Alwyn Ruddock

Alwyn Ruddock was a scholar and historian who had done a lot of research on naval explorations, especially of John Cabot. She had some vital information on this exploration but did not reveal her finds to anyone.

Source: Pinterest (Alwyn Ruddock)

But she made a will that after her death, all her documents and research papers should be destroyed. Her close friend cum neighbor was entrusted with this job. She took all these papers, shredded them, put them in 78 gunny bags and burned. All the vital information in them was lost to Mankind forever.

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