String, the new dating app that allows to communicate only via voice notes!

String, the new dating app that allows to communicate only via voice notes!

A new dating app has hit the market. It is called String and in it, two people can communicate only using Voice Notes and not through text. It has taken things back to the basics. The makers of the app feel that talking through voice notes is more fun and interesting. It is an organic conversation and the connection and match are true more often than not.

String-the new dating app based on voice notes

A new dating app called String is out. In this, two users cannot message via text. But they can only send voice notes to each other. This would seem to be more fun and interesting, the makers of the app believe. Besides, the conversations between two parties would be more organic than through the regular text messages.

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So there is an opportunity to truly connect with your match well even before one goes on a date. So it would be more like a phone conversation but without the continuity of it per se.

The thinking behind this unusual dating app

The creators of the app strongly believe that it is difficult to know the true personality of the user on the next end via text messages. This is especially true when one is talking to a new person on the opposite end. Many times, it might be realized that jokes are either not understood or misunderstood. Besides, subtle hints and sarcasm can be missed. The humane element is lost in text messages since they are just words on a screen.

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Text messages do not allow us to know the user on the other end well. There are high chances of making a mistake in knowing the true personality of the person through text messages. So the best way out of this problem is to allow people to communicate the natural way and that is through their voice. And besides this is also the way that normally we approach each other in real life.

More details of the app

In this app, the users can filter out whom they want to be shown to. When they find a potential match, they can send voice messages to and fro. When the voice element is added it is a new dynamic and one can understand more of a person than without the voice element to the communication. There are studies that have shown that accent is an important part of the attraction and can break or make deals.

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Moreover, the current pandemic has decreased the chances of going on dates. Hence, with voice notes, it is a real experience and ends up in a more successful date match. The app has been a hit since its launch, especially with women and students. The app is free to use and available on iOS and Android. The website is The makers of this app are also young and recent graduates and hence can easily understand what the new generation demands. And they say:

“Voices speak louder than words.”

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