Sugar daddies demand rises during the pandemic in New Mexico! Most sugar babies are college-going students!

Sugar daddies demand rises during the pandemic in New Mexico! Most sugar babies are college-going students!
  • During the coronavirus pandemic 2020, more and more people are turning to date apps for getting a love partner.
  • Even some unconventional dating websites are reporting an increased number of hits and views.

New Mexico particularly reported that the demand for sugar daddies has increased and it has risen by almost 72% during the pandemic.

Sugar daddy’s demand surges during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a change in the lifestyle of people. Since direct socializing has got minimal due to social distancing and such rules,  people are turning online for prospective partners and dating.

Dating websites are reporting a surge in visits to their websites. And even unconventional websites such as Seeking Arrangement have revealed a rise in views and demands.

Seeking Arrangement [Source: Republic World]
Seeking Arrangement is a website that connects sugar daddies with sugar babies. Kimberly De La Cruz, the spokesperson for Seeking Arrangement said:

“We have definitely seen an increase. More people than ever,”

Further, she added:

“We are having record-breaking numbers,”

Compared to 2019, there has been an increased number of people who signed up on this website this year.

Stats of the website

The website has revealed that there has been a surge in the number of people signing on to their website this year compared to the last year. And this rise is a whopping 72.5%.

Kimberly reasoned out:

“This is speculation but it’s probably because people are at home and quarantine has been especially difficult for singles because if you’re stuck at home by yourself it’s much harder – the mental toll it takes on you,”

She added that every arrangement is of a different type. Sex is not part of the transaction that is made but it eventually does happen.

Sugar babe loots sugar daddy [Source: YouTube]
Kimberly revealed:

“People are having a say in what they want and what they’re looking for, and they refuse to settle,”

The website spokesperson added:

“They want to come to a site like ours and meet somebody who can pickup the check at dinner and build a life with them where you’re not going to be struggling,”

The college-going sugar babies of NM

Earlier, KOB had surveyed in November 2019 and found out that an increasing number of New Mexico college-going students are becoming sugar babies to pay for college fees and maintenance.

It is a lucrative option for these students. Monica was one such NM student who told KOB that in exchange for her time, she in return got money, tuition, trips, cars, and also a townhouse from sugar daddies.

New Mexico [Source: Reason]
The website has revealed that 650 such students from the UNM are registered on their website. Monica told the news outlet:

“I’ve met scientists, businessmen, it depends,”

There are 2.7 million students who are on this website in search of a better future. Kimberly says that most of these sugar daddies are in their 40s and looking out for something casual:

“Often times it’s not traditional having milestones like moving into together or meeting the parents,”

And Kimberly said that a sugar baby is usually a “woman that is empowered to date better…looking for elevated relationships.”

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