‘Survivor: Love Of Island’ Elizabeth Beisel And Jack Nichting Are Dating and has matching hairstyles! Why Did They Skip The Reunion Of The Show?

‘Survivor: Love Of Island’ Elizabeth Beisel And Jack Nichting Are Dating and has matching hairstyles! Why Did They Skip The Reunion Of The Show?

The ‘Survivor: Love Of Island’ contestant Elizabeth Beisel and Jack Nichting did not win the competition. But the show surely gave them helped them meet one another. The former Survivor competitor is now dating each other.

‘Survivor: Love Of Island’ Elizabeth Beisel-Jack Nichting Dating

Elizabeth Beisel and Jack Nichting announced their relationship (Source: Flipboard)

The reality TV personality Elizabeth Beisel announced that she is dating Jack Nichting. They started becoming closer through Instagram.

She opened up about their relationship by sharing a photo of the duo showing off their matching hairstyles as they were seen almost kiss-ready. Moreover, she captioned the adorable snap writing:

“WOAH. Did you guys hear the news? I’ve got a curly haired boyfriend named Jack and he is simply the most wonderful human being I know. And yes, we share hair products.”

On the other hand, Nick also gushed about his relationship with Elizabeth on his Instagram sharing a series of photos with her. He shared four photos of the duo laughing together, hanging out in a pool, dressed up as tigers and kissing with the caption:

Elizabeth Beisel and Jack Nichting on Love Island (Source: Survivor Foundation)

“I am beyond proud to call this curly headed, exuberant, and compassionate woman my girlfriend/twin,”

The duo opened up about their relationship on social media the day after the season 39 Survivor finale.

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The Duo Did Not Appear For The Reunion!

People noticed something during the contestant during the reunion of ‘Survivor: Love Island’ on Wednesday, December 18. Both Beisel and Jack, who were the contestant of the season 39 jury, did not show up for the reunion of the show. People started wondering why the duo was not present in the event of the show.

During the show, she and another contestant Missy Byrd used Kellee’s discomfort with Dan as a game-play tactic. However, the contestant voted out Kelle from the show and she also had to stay silent as a jury member during the subsequent Tribal Council. Later on, the jury confronted Dan for his behavior.

The show later removed Dan from the show for the second incident of unwanted touching which also included one of the producers. As host, Jeff Probst said during the live reunion, after the way they treated both Kellee and Janet, Elizabeth and Missy got lots of hate on social media

Elizabeth apologize to Kelle and Janet (Source: TV Line)

However, after the episode, she posted an apology to Instagram which read:

 “After watching the episode, my eyes were opened to a completely different truth, and I received an abundance of information that I was entirely unaware of while playing the game. I had no idea the severity of the situation. As a player, I am limited to my own experiences and knowing what I know now, my decisions would have been very different.”

She apologized to both Kelle and Janet through her Instagram post. This may be the reason she did not appear to the reunion, however, Jack may be just supporting her as the duo is dating.

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Source: Heavy, US Weekly