The talented model, Kim Porter defends her ex, Diddy’s ‘Dad Bod’! Also see his past affairs with A listers actresses

Kim Porter tries to defend her ex, Diddy, Sean Combs with whom she has been in a relationship for about a year. She defends Diddy’s ‘Dad Bod’ by stating that Diddy is just the opposite of how he looks. Therefore according to her, he is healthy. She says everyone does not think about the way anyone looks.

Source: Huffington Post (Kim Porter)

Kim Porter’s defense for Diddy, Sean Combs

It can be understood clearly that Kim Porter is defending Diddy, Sean Combs as Diddy had once suffered some dad bod shaming when some of the pictures of him on a yacht surfaced recently.

However, Kim is flipping a switch saying the haters got the images all twisted. In accordance with Kim Porter:

 “it’s all in how you see things … like Combs obvious belly fat.”

She has really great messages to his haters. She said:

“They just don’t recognize the good life when they see it.”

As Kim Porter has three children with Diddy, Sean Combs she also says that the particular dad doesn’t need any six-pack to impress anyone.

The name of their children is Jessie James Combs, D’Lila Star Combs, Christian Casey Combs. According to Kim, Diddy is worth a billion dollars.

She stated:

“He’s worth close to a BILLION dollars. Hello!”

Past relationships of Kim Porter and Sean Combs

According to some sources of information, Kim Porter had her past relationships as well. She had been encountered with Al B. Sure(Albert Joseph Brown III), an American writer for about a year.

The couple gave birth to a baby whom they named after Quincy Jones. Similarly, she has also been in a relationship with Jackie Long, an American actor.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (Sean Combs)

On the other hand, Sean Combs has been with many partners. He has been in relationships with Diana Bianchi, Sky Nellor, Naomi Campbell, Emma Heming, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Chapman, Misa Hylton-Brim, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

He also made his partners for a certain period of time to Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Sienna Miller, Noemie Lenoir, Alicia Douvall, Karrine Steffans.

As the information is not stable, Dibby, Sean Combs was also rumored to be together in relationships with Kate Upton, Yasmeen Ghauri, Natassia Malthe, Aubrey O’Day, and Shanina Shaik. The information about these relations is not sure to be true.

Source: Married Wiki (Kim Porter and Sean Combs)

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Relationship between Kim Porter and Sean Combs

Kim Porter and Sean Combs first started dating after Porter got separated from Al B. The couple eventually began dating. The two had an on and off relationship.

Kim and Sean had so many ups and down situations in their relationship. Afterward, they got separated in the year 1999. After their separation, they were a long extended battle between them for their son’s custody.

It was very surprising for the world to know that the couple again patched up in the year 2003 and which led to their relationship running quite smoothly. They then have twin daughters on the 21st of December, 2006.

Source: NY Daily News (Kim Porter and Sean Combs)

It was very surprising for the world to know that the couple again patched up in the year 2003 and which led to their relationship running quite smoothly.

They then have twin daughters on the 21st of December, 2006. The couple finally came to the end of their relationship when Porter came to know that Diddy ha an extramarital affair with a woman.

The main reason for the end of their relationship was stated later after many arguments and discontentment towards their relationship.

Kim Porter and Diddy, Sean Combs had their legal separation in the year 2007. Currently, Sean is found to spend his holiday times with his kids.

Fame of Kim Porter

Kim Porter is not much famous because of her own fame, but because of her profession as a model and female rapper as well. She is less attractive as a singer.

However, her ex-boyfriend Sean is highly popular as a rapper and singer. She is not much popular in worldwide but holds her fame and is still known as a favorite celebrity and moreover as a mother of her four children.

Source: Kim Porter Daily (Kim Porter)

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Short bio on Kim Porter

Kim Porter was an American model stage celebrity and actor. People mostly know her as the ex-girlfriend of Sean Diddy Combs. Furthermore, she was the founder of the group named ‘Three Brown Girls’ and is a member of the group ‘Girl 6′. More bio…