Tamzin Outhwaite does not mind her boyfriend Tom Child leaving her if he desires to have children of his own!

Former actress on the show EastEnders, Tamzin Outhwaite is dating Tom Child who is two decades younger to her. She has two children of her own from a previous relationship. While Tom has no kids. But Tamzin revealed on the podcast Postcards from Midlife that she has permitted Tom to leave her if he desires to have children. He can do so with another woman.

Tamzin Outhwaite and her decision

The former actress of the show EastEnders, Tamzin Outhwaite is now 49 years of age and a mother of two children. And now, she is in a relationship with a toy boy, Tom Child who is 20 years younger to her. Tom does not yet have any children of his own. Tamzin was on the podcast Postcards of Midlife when she talked about more children.

Tom and Tamzin (Source: FR24 News English)

Tamzin revealed that she does not want any more children. But she also stated that if her young boyfriend Tom Child wants a child, she has permitted him to leave her and do so with another woman.

Tamzin on the podcast

Tamzin is certain that she does not want to have any more children of her own. She told the host of the podcast:

“After my experiences in life, I don’t think I think everything is always forever.

“He hates me saying this, but if he in a couple of years he really wanted kids I would give him my blessing. I don’t feel like he has to be here forever. I’m just having a lovely time.”

Tamzin and Tom (Source: The Sun UK)

Tamzin also added that to date someone in her 40s is liberating since she was no more worried about finding the right person. Further, Tamzin noted:

“It’s liberating because I’ve got my kids. I don’t need to get married and I don’t need children. So actually I’m at the freest point really in my life.

“Having somebody that makes my day to day bright and exciting and fun… he’s like my home, very familiar. But at the same time he feels like my adventure.”

Tamzin and her relationship history

Tamzin was dating and later married actor Tom Ellis in 2006. The couple has two daughters together namely Florence, 11, and Marnie, seven. But in 2013, she and Tom separated and filed for divorce. Tamzin started dating Tom Child two years back. She defended the new relationship and the age-gap between them. She stated in February 2020 that she does not care about what other people think about her and her new boyfriend. But she knows that her daughters adore their new stepdad. She also credited the new glow on her face to dating the younger Tom.

Tamzin, Tom Child, and her children [Source: The Irish Sun]
Tamzin also admitted that she finds dating mucky. She said:

“I’m a serial monogamist,”

She does not like the term toyboy used for Tom Child since she says that there is no male equivalent. She had also said:

“People think I’m having a midlife crisis, but actually, not all men want a younger woman.”

“Tom’s very good for my mental and physical health. The other way around, no one says anything about a younger woman do they?'”