Tattoo artists avoid inking on the face, hand, or foot! Know its reason!

Tattoos are a craze and if you want to get an ink design on your foot, hand, or face, you will need to do a lot of hunting around for studios or tattoo artists who will do it for you. Because most tattoo artists do not want to ink tattoos in these areas of your body. Tattoo studios have fixed and specific policies for inking these areas. What is the reason for it?

The professional dilemma of a tattoo artist

A tattoo artist tries to understand the psychology of his or her client, the consequences of a tattoo in a visible area of body for the client, and whether the client would be able to cope with ridicule, bullying, or rejection in employment due to it. If the latter happens, the tattoo artist subconsciously gets the blame for it. Hence many tattoo artists avoid to do tattoos in the exposed areas of the body such as hands, feet, and the face.

Facial tattoos (Source: Tattooforme)

The tattoo artist who refuses can rest at ease with the decision to protect you. The refusal may prompt you to pause and rethink on the choice of your area to be tattooed. It will make a client rethink of the consequences and its impact on the life and career? Is the wearer ready to accept any bullying or ridicule due to the visibility of the tattoo? Is the wearer willing to take the job rejections due to it? If the answer is a NO, it is best to not do it at these body areas. But if you do not mind these consequences, you can go ahead and get a tattoo artist who is totally commercial and worried only about money.

The quality of tattoos at these body areas

The reason for refusing tattoos in these body areas is not always the altruistic one. Quality and the longevity also count.

From the professional point of view, tattoos on foot and hand are difficult to do and may not come out well despite all care and skills of the tattoo artist. In a tattoo, the ink has to sit right between the epidermis and the dermis of the skin. But in the hand and foot, the skin is quite thin. Hence placing the ink at the right place could be difficult. If it gets too superficial or too deep, the result would not be a sharp line but a ‘smudge’. It would spoil the design and not look good.

Hand tattoos (Source: Pinterest)

Even if luckily the design turns out to be good and sharp with no smudges, the hand and foot are subjected to a,lot of physical trauma. Hence the ink might get out of place soon. Besides, foot tattoos can get infected more easily and sunlight may play a damaging role there. Extreme caution and care is needed in the after-care of these tattoos. Same applies to hand tattoos.

Reputation of the tattoo artists

The tattoo artists boast about their work and even do touch-ups free of cost. The tattoo becomes a walking advertisement for the tattoo artist. And hence if anything goes wrong there due to the site of body selected, the reputation of the tattoo artist is at stake. Hence they do not want these things to happen and refuse to tattoo these body areas.

Foot tattoos (Source: Pinterest)

But then, there are many celebrities who have got inks done on their foot, hands, and face. These include Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, Aaron Carter, rappers, and the like. And they are happy about it.

You can go in for their tattoo artists. If they are too costly, you could try to convince your own tattoo artist. You can state that you know the consequences and are ready to face them. Reassurance works but if it does not help, you can give it in writing with your signature that you are aware of the likely consequences and would not blame the tattoo artist for it. Besides, you can write-off any free touch-ups and say that you would pay for them if required.

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