Tempted to participate and compete in a fascinating and famous TV game show? Get the facts right first!

Game shows are an integral part of the TV shows and have their own unique fans and audience. They are liked by the common public since it gives them a chance to participate and come on TV and also win prizes or cash.

Many of these game shows hit headlines due to the peculiarity of the show or due to the amount of money or prizes the winners earn. Some get fame after some controversy erupts or a lawsuit follows due to some reason.

Game shows may range from simple quizzes to more complex and daring ones. Besides the fun one experiences watching these game shows on the television sets, many of these shows also have a lot of interesting facts linked to them.

Let us go through and see what these are!

  1. Have you realized that the competitors on the game show Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are of uniform height? You will be surprised that the reason is that they are made to stand on platforms which can be raised or lowered to provide them with the desired height! Incredible!

    Source: Twitter (Participants in Jeopardy)
    Source: Twitter (Participants in Jeopardy)
  2. Illusory effects are utilized in Wheel of Fortune show to make people believe that the Wheel has a mammoth diameter when in fact its diameter is only about 6 feet. It is said to weigh 4000 pounds.
  3. Even when you win, for example, a car in The Price is Right, you still need to shell out money to pay the exorbitant taxes which come with it.
  4. The cash prizes announced on the game shows are actually paid in cash and will reach your home address and is not given on the spot! So one has to wait patiently to receive their prize money!
  5. There is a ‘market’ for selling your non-cash prizes. People are seen waiting outside the set of The Price is Right to buy our prizes, but the price you receive would be much less than what the show had proclaimed it to be since they quote inflated prices on the show.

    Source: THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Audience and the game show)
    Source: THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Audience and the game show)
  6. Game show contestants on the show The Weakest Link are escorted everywhere they go (including the bathroom) during the filming in order to prevent cheating. But cheating can take place in the bathroom too!
  7. On the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the audience has been noticed to be right 94% of the time. So in 6% of the cases, the contestants may end up losing if they blindly rely on the audience poll! It has been known that the audience in French and Russian versions of the show deliberately presses the wrong button on the vote meter in order to make the contestant on the hot seat lose!
  8. On most of the shows, it is the contestants themselves who pay for all their expenses-travel, accommodation, meals or any other expenses that need to be incurred. The show production never pays them for it.

    Source: Millionaire Wikia (Who wants to be a Millionaire?)
    Source: Millionaire Wikia (Who wants to be a Millionaire?)
  9. Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running syndicated game show in the history of US Television. The game show The Price is Right is the longest-running 5-days-a-week game TV show in the world.
  10. The show ‘The Price is Right’ has strict entry rules. Though the entry is free, people seeking to be in the audience and hence get potentially chosen as contestants cannot carry banners, posters, signs, mobile phones, tape recorders, price lists, bags, ice chests, or cameras inside the studio where shooting is taking place. They welcome people with unusual enthusiasm.

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