Venus Williams in Fatal Car Crash and Killed a Man! Check out the Whole story and find out what happens to her Career!

Venus Williams in Fatal Car Crash and Killed a Man! Check out the Whole story and find out what happens to her Career!
  • Tennis Star Venus Williams was in a car accident earlier this month which led to the death of the passenger in another car.
  • Will she be going to Jail?

Let’s Find out!

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Venus Williams in Car Crash

According to the Palm Beach Gardens police, Venus Williams was involved in a car crash in Florida that led to the death of a 80-year-old man, Jerome Barson.

The accident occurred on June 9, when Williams’ car crashed into another car approaching an intersection westbound in Palm Beach Gardens.

Source: eurosports
Source: eurosports

The Witness of the accident told that the Tennis star ran through the red light in her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV and was driving too fast distracted.

The  report says that the impact was so severe that the victim’s car was “crushed, the front windshield shattered, the airbags deployed, there was crush damage to the rear on the driver’s side, and the back window was shattered.

The 2016 Hyundai Accent was driven by Barson’s wife, Linda Barson, which was crashed on the side of William’s SUV. Linda Brandon opened up about the accident to investigators.

She told that she was approaching the intersection when her light turned green and that she was unable to stop in time. Williams, who turned 37 on June 17, was not hurt.

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Venus Williams(Source: constative)

William revealed that she entered the six-lane intersection on a green light but was stopped by the traffic midpoint and she didn’t see Brandon’s car coming while she crossed into their lanes.

The victim suffered head trauma. He was taken to a hospital and was placed in ICU, but later succumbed to his injuries. Barson’s wife, who was also rushed to the hospital, suffered broken bones and other injuries but survived the crash.

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The investigation of the crash

However, Palm Beach Gardens Maj. Paul Rogers says the crash remains under investigation. Venus has not yet been charged.

Because it was reported that there was no evidence that Williams had been under the influence. Neither was she distracted by an electronic device while driving.

Williams’ attorney Malcolm Cunningham said in a statement that Williams expressed,

her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

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Venus Williams(Source: vibe)

Though Later it was found that the wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the older sister of tennis star Serena Williams for her involvement in a car crash in Florida that killed a 78-year-old man, TMZ reported late Thursday.

The Lawsuit states that she broke the law on June 9 by entering an intersection in Palm Beach County, violating the red light, driving too fast while she was distracted, and creating a situation where the accident was unavoidable, TMZ reported.

The lawsuit is filed by the estate’s attorney, Michael Steinger. It seeks unspecified damages for personal loss, loss of earnings, pain, and suffering, and medical and funeral expenses.

the police report obtained by TMZ claimed. The 37-year-old reportedly told police she did not see the approaching car and she was driving slowly.

“[Venus] is at fault for violating the right of way of [the other driver],”

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Venus Williams(Source: follownews)

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