The terrifying snake incident! The ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper, Lil Pump is bitten by a snake!

Recently, a video of Lil Pump of the snake downer has been viral. Lil Pump himself has made the video public after knowing this incident.

The video is scary!

The thrilling snake bite

Not long ago, Lil pump posted a video of his dangerous encounter with a snake during a shoot. The shooting was running for his upcoming music video. The 19-year-old celebrity posted the brutal video on Friday that is the 8th of November 2019 on Instagram. In the video, he had also shown his hand full of blood after being bitten by the serpent.

Above all, the well-known rapper was sitting on a staircase. Then, a person who is probably the handler gives him the animal. Suddenly, he lunges for his hand. He threw the animal on the floor for running to safety.

Similarly, he screams saying:

“Look at my hand bro. that n***** bit the f**k out of me.”

He comes close to the camera and shows his bloodied hand. It was much scary as the bite marks of the snake was almost clearly visible. Horribly, the same snake also tried to bite another member present there.

“Yo I just got bit by a snake n***** I got bit by a snake.”

Obviously, Lil Pump just hopes that he doesn’t die.

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Reactions of the viral video

The video has gained so much media attention. The views of the clip on YouTube has crossed over four million.

Initially, the first comment in the video was of Justin Bieber. He commented:

Bro can’t f*** with snakes.”

There were mixed reactions of all the viewers and fans of the rapper. Among the 17.7 million followers of the artist, some of them reacted with a little sympathy. Instead, those fans did not tell Lil Pump that he should not have used the animal in his video in the first place.

Maybe, the violent behavior of the snake was because it was uncomfortable to be around all the loud noises and lights.

Reason to be upset?

Surprisingly, Lil Pump claims he is not much upset because of the bite. Instead, he is more annoyed about the fact that he cannot wear his favorite bit of bling now. In fact, he could not stop himself from being mad as he can’t wear his two-finger skate ring.

Lil Pump
Lil Pump at 2018 MTV Video Music Award (Source: dailymail)

Nonetheless, he also explains that this is the worse kind of pain and said it hurt like he was just not able to take that pain out. He is mad at the snake!

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A Short Bio on Lil Pump

The real name of the songwriter is  Gazzy Garcia. However, he is professionally known as Lil Pump. He is both an American rapper as well as songwriter. He is probably known for his hyperactive public personality. Pump is often seen taking drugs also criticized for his behavior seen on various social media platforms.

Lil Pump
Lil Pump at a concert (Source: dailymail)

Certainly, the American songwriter was born on the 17th of August 2000. His birthplace is in Miami, Florida. Though his own words, it has known that his parents are originally from Colombia. parents divorced at an early age. Then his mother shifted to Miami after giving birth to his older half-brother. More bio…

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