The Most Supportive Girlfriend Ever, Sophie Turner Just Wore Merch from Boyfriend Joe Jonas’ Band.

Sophie Turner cannot aid but support boyfriend Joe Jonas‘ band with her clothing decisions. Arriving at the airport in Los Angeles this week, alongside Jonas, Turner wore a denim jacket with a familiar slogan on it.

Source: ACKGRID (
Source: ACKGRID (Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas)

What they wore?? Let’s See!

Now that their tour has started, the British actress has been seen spending a lot of time with Jonas and DNCE a lot. The newly Instagram-official couple went out for a stroll around Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon wearing some appropriately casual accessory.

Joe went for a jean jacket, black denim combo. However, Sophie opted to show off her number one groupie status in a white long sleeve DNCE t-shirt. It features the baby pictures of the band’s four members Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and of course, Jonas himself.

Big fan of her Boyfriend’s music

On the back of the jacket in pink the motto, “Kissing Strangers,” was written which just so happens to be the name of DNCE’s most recent single. Turner is a big fan of her boyfriend’s music, and that extends to wearing his merch, which is pretty sweet.

Source: BACKGRID (
Source: BACKGRID (Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas)

The GOT actress is an influential benefactor whether by it’s hanging out with Jonas and his bandmates or wearing DNCE branded items. Seriously, we can’t get enough of Turner and Jonas together, because they are so in love. The Game of Thrones star’s talent to back her BF throughout their romance is the best part.

Sophie Turner dancing to DNCE

The young star rocked a fashionable jacket from the tour’s merchandise table. While going to one of the band’s shows, and it is SO fun.

When the redhead beauty isn’t exposing off her latest DNCE clothing collection, she’s just enjoying the music. The 20-year-old actress frequently visits as many concerts, gigs, and displays for the former Jonas Brothers singer as possible.

Update on their Marriage

On 1st May 2019 married Joe Jonas at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. She legally changed her name to Jonas. Likewise, on 29th June 2019, they repeated their marriage and exchanged vows again.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas marriage
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas marriage(Source: Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia)

Short Bio on Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is an American singer who exhibits a perfect sample of a beautiful voice and earned enough name and fame as a member of boy band ‘Jonas Brothers’. in which his own siblings Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas were the other two members. Getting involved in Disney Channel and releasing his debut film Original Movie Camp Rock (2008) made them more highlighted in the frame of the film industry as well. more bio…

Short Bio on Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is an English actress who is immensely famous for her work as an actress in the all-time hit HBO Television series ‘Game of Thrones’. She portrayed the main role of Sansa Stark. She is also known for playing in a Television series ‘The Thirteen Tale’ as a role of ‘Young Adeline March’. more bio…