The roller coaster ride of professional basketball player Steve Nash in relationship. Give a look on his relationship, marriage and children

The struggle in a relationship is very usual and happens to most of the people. A similar struggle was faced by retired professional Basketball Player, Steve Nash, who is also renowned as an elite jumper.

He had been in many relationships in the past but none of them could work properly. He had been divorced twice in his lifetime.

Although having a successful professional life, he had faced lots of heartbreaks in the case of the relationship. He had been linked with many personalities and also had heartbreaks.

Source: Sports Out West (Steve Nash)
Source: Sports Out West (Steve Nash)

Failed marriage of Steve Nash

He was first married to Alejandra Amarilla in the year 2005. They together had twin daughters, Bella Nash, and Lola Nash, born on 14 October 2004. Another flow of happiness came in their life with the birth of their second child as a son Matteo Joel Nash, born 12 November 2010.

Rumors were that the couple separated because Alejandra gave birth to a black baby boy. She was accused of cheating on him and having an extra-marital affair. However, later those rumors turned out to be false.

Source: Divorce Debbie (Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash)
Source: Divorce Debbie (Alejandra Amarilla and Steve Nash)

After the birth of his son, he made the revelation of his bittersweet marriage and they have been living separately for a few months. Also, he stated that they are in the process of parting their ways very soon.

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Other relationship of Steve Nash

Steve was engaged with Geri Halliwell. She is a professional British pop singer from the band named Ginger Spice. They parted their ways after some time of dating. She was recently seen with Steve repeatedly in his games and dining with him.

Source: NBC Sports (Steve Nash and Elizabeth Hurley)
Source: NBC Sports (Steve Nash and Elizabeth Hurley)

Although after the bad experience from his previous relationship, he again gave another chance to himself by dating Elizabeth Hurley. They had a romantic relationship but couldn’t last long.

Steve was in a relationship with Brittany Richardson from 2010 but the couple got separated in the year 2015. This couple parted their ways in 2015 due to the issues in the relationship.

Source: Gum Bumper (Steve Nash and Brittany Richardson)
Source: Gum Bumper (Steve Nash and Brittany Richardson)

Current relationship of Steve Nash

Nash is currently sharing a happy marital life with his beau Lilla Frederick. He dated only for only four days and then they got engaged. They came together in a very short time which says that they had gained a very good understanding of each other.

Lilla Frederick is a former Pepperdine University and junior women’s U.S. team volleyball player. They engaged and married on 4 September 2016. They are happily married. The couple has an amazing relationship with lots of love, care, understanding, and happiness. They seem so much in love with each other.

Source: Busted Coverage (Steve Nash and Lilla Frederick)
Source: Busted Coverage (Steve Nash and Lilla Frederick)

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Steve’s Hall of Fame Speech

On 7th September 2018, Steve Nash was invited into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and check out his full speech below:

Steve Nash fitness world under $20-million trouble

A former female employee of Steve Nash Fitness World clubs has filed a suit against the company. A whistleblower working from July 2017 to July 2019 is seeking a claim against the damages which is worth $20-million.

Veteran fitness employee Sharon Freeman feels that the company took advantage of her but did not give equal returns. Sharon in an interview with Global News stated,

“It’s really shocking. I felt betrayed. As employees, especially, we have rights. If you’re not bound by a collective agreement or a union, then you default to the Employment Standards Act. So many of my colleagues have no idea [that act] even exists.


“These are the minimum standard requirements of the employer. Minimum! So we are not even having the minimum met.”

More about Steve Nash

Tall and handsome Steve Nash is a well-known retired Canadian basketball player who has been playing basketball since his high school. He is best known as an eight-time NBA All-Star who retired playing in 2015. He was named the NBA Most Valuable Player while he was playing for Phoenix Suns. See more bio…

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