Theo Silveston: Interesting facts about this ex-husband of English actress, Rita Simons!

Theo Silveston: Interesting facts about this ex-husband of English actress, Rita Simons!

The agent of English actress, Rita Simons recently confirmed that Rita and her husband of 14 years, hairdresser Theo Silveston have separated two years back. Their divorce process is ongoing and they are co-parenting their two teenage children, twin daughters together. Though media has reported a lot about Rita and her role on EastEnders (2007-2017), they have not written much about Theo, his age, early life, profession, work, and relationships. Read on to know some cool facts related to this ex-husband of Rita.

Theo Silveston and his early life and age

The ex-husband of English actress, Rita Simons, Theo Silveston is an English hairdresser based in London. He was born in the year 1977 in London, England, the UK. As regards his parents, ethnicity, siblings, and education, there is limited information on the internet.

Theo and Rita [Source: Daily Mirror]
Both his parents are also hairdressers. Hence, he was inclined towards the same profession early in his life. His parents had divorced when he was a teenager. He then started learning the techniques and tricks of the trade from his father. Later, when he had some experience, he decided to branch out on his own. And set up his salon in London.

Theo and his career

After he decided to start solo, he also in between did some work with other hairdressers. He did not like the workplace where he was employed and started his own salon. He wanted to own a fashionable hairdressing boutique. And in 2007, Theo launched his own salon which he called ‘Kink Hair Salon’. The salon soon gained popularity and is famous in Mill Hill in London. The hair salon offers several customized services, including ‘Bridal Packages’. The salon also has a website of its own which provides information on their services and packages and also guides them on beauty care.

Kink Hair Salon [Source: The London Hairdressing Apprentice]
In one of the interviews, Theo had said that the start of the salon was a big point in his life. He is happy with his career and continues to woo customers with his new packages and hair care tips.

Theo -marriage, children, divorce

Theo got fame with his hair salon but he is known more as the ex-husband of Tv actress, Rita Simons. They probably met either on the show sets or at his salon. But how and when their first meeting happened is not clear. But the couple met through a mutual friend and started a relationship and wed in August 2004 in an intimate ceremony. Details of their wedding venue and party are not available. But the wedding was in London.

Theo, Rita, and their twin daughters [Source: Gossip Gist]
And two years later, in 2006, Rita delivered their twin daughters, Maiya and Jaimee. Maiya sadly suffers from Mondini dysplasia or defect. She has sensorineural deafness and hence had to learn sign language and lip-reading. Jaimee and their parents also picked up sign language and use it to communicate with their daughter Maiya.

Around two years back, she was operated for cochlear implant surgery and has a better hearing now.

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