Jamie Lee Curtis’s son Thomas Guest came out as a transgender and introduced herself as Ruby Guest!

Jamie Lee Curtis’s son Thomas Guest came out as a transgender and introduced herself as Ruby Guest!
Thomas Guest (Source: Evoke)
  • Thomas Guest has come out as a transgender
  • Actor Jamie Lee Curtis adopted Thomas Guest in 1996
  • Thomas will now be Ruby Guest and is the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Ruby is engaged to her fiance and will marry in 2022

Thomas Guest, the youngest child of Jamie Lee Curtis has come out as transgender. He is a videogame editor. Thomas has transitioned from male to female and will be named Ruby Guest from now. Ruby has been supported by her family and living her truth.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Thomas Guest
Jamie Lee Curtis and Thomas Guest (Source: Business Guide Africa)

What does Jamie Lee Curtis have to say about Thomas?

Jamie Lee Curtis is a proud mother of her transgender daughter. She watched in wonder and pride as her son became a daughter named Ruby. Now Jamie has two daughters Annie and the youngest Ruby with her husband Christopher Guest.

She also revealed that her daughter Ruby Guest will get married next year at a wedding that her mother will officiate. Jamie revealed,

“She and her fiancé will get married next year at a wedding that I will officiate,” 

Thomas Guest the youngest child of Jamie Lee Curtis
Thomas Guest is the youngest child of Jamie Lee Curtis (Source: Matchwell)

Curtis also said that she is hoping to be a grandmother one day. Ruby is happily engaged at present but has not revealed anything about her fiance. The only thing known about the couple is going to walk down the aisle in 2022.

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All about the family of Thomas Guest aka Ruby Guest

Thomas Guest now known as Ruby was born in March 1996. She is 26 years old at present. She is the granddaughter of Leslie Hasen-Guest, Muriel Carmel, and Albert George Hindes from her father Christopher’s side.

On her mother Jamie Lee Curtis’s side, Ruby is the granddaughter of Helen Schwartz, Helen Lita Westergard, Emanuel Schwartz, and Frederick Robert Morrison.

Her mother Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress and writer who has worked in films like Halloween, Knives Out, Spare Parts, Veronica Mars, You Again, and more.

Family of Thomas Guest
Family of Thomas Guest (Source: Experience)

Likewise, her TV series work includes Scream Queens, New Girl, NCIS, Operation Perricoat, and more. Her mother married her father Christopher Guest in 1984. Jamie and Christopher adopted both Ruby and her sister Annie.

Her father Christopher Guest is an American-British screenwriter, composer, musician, and comedian. Ruby comes from a celebrity background.

Short Bio on Ruby Guest

Ruby Guest is a well-recognized American celebrity daughter and computer gaming editor.

She is widely famed as the daughter of American actress Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, American-British actor, and screenwriter, Christopher Guest. See more bio…


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