TikTok Getting Banned From US App Store From Sunday? Charli D’Amelio, Bryce Hall, And Other TikTokers Says Their Final Goodbye To The App!

TikTok is undoubtedly the biggest platform with billions of users all around the world. According to the recent news, the app is getting banned from US app stores from this Sunday. The famous Tiktokers from the platform gave their final goodbye through tweets and videos.

TikTok getting banned on the US from Sunday

According to the reports, the app is getting removed from all the app stores in the USA from Sunday midnight. The US Department of Commerce announced the news on Friday. They will be removing the Chinese app Tiktok and WeChat from the app stores.

TikTok getting banned from US
TikTok getting banned from US (Source: The NewYork Times)

Mr. Trump has raised concerns about continuing Chinese ownership of the app. He signed the executive order with the 45 days deadline for the commerce department.

They were deciding whether the Chinese app is a threat to national security. The news came as a risk for the many creators on the platform who are pursuing a career on the platform.

Talking about the restriction of the app, the officials stated:

“We certainly took a very broad look at what could be done. But the president’s intention is to protect American privacy and the security of the US. Our actions are specifically targeted to do just that.”

While people were questioning about the ban of the app with millions of teenage users, the Cyber expert, James Lewis stated:

TikTok logo (Source: Pinterest)

“Big data is the core of intelligence now. This is the most intense espionage campaign against the US since the Reagan administration. We are engaged in an intense espionage contest — a spy war — with China.”

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Creators say their final goodbye

After the news broke, many creators on the app reacted through the video and tweets. One of the famous creators, Chase Hudson uploaded a video with the sound:

“just please let me have the one thing that I like, please.”

On the video, he also jokingly activated a taser in front of the camera. Another Tiktok star Charli D’Amelio with above $90 million followers posted a video mentioning if this the last video of her on the platform. She also referred to another app Triffin on the caption of the video.

Charli D’Amelio, the Tiktoker reacted to the news (Source: Elite Daily)

Triffin is a similarly structured video-sharing app like Tiktok. The app also has endless scrolling with the portrait mode. Triffin will supposedly a potential candidate for a TikTok replacement.

Griffin Johnson went to Twitter to address Tiktok getting banned. He wrote he was warning for months about the ban but no not believed him. Another famous Tiktoker, Bryce Hall simply tweeted ‘Bye-Bye Tiktok’ on his Twitter account. This may be a huge thing for the creators on the platform who have gathered millions of fans.

Bryce Hall said his final goodbye to Tiktok (Source: Instagram)

There are many creators on the platform who have made their income through the platform.

What is your response to Tiktok getting banned from Sunday?

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