Who Is Tiktok Star Zoe Laverne? Her Response On Accusation Of Kissing An Underage Fan!

Zoe Laverne raised to fame through a video-sharing app Tiktok. If you are on the app, you are probably familiar with her. She is surrounded by controversies recently all over social media.

The TikTok star is accused of grooming and kissing an underage fan. For those, you don’t know her and ongoing allegations surround her, here are the details.

Who is Zoe Laverne?

Laverne is a Tiktok star who has more than 17 million followers and 1.6 billion likes on her videos. People started recognizing her on social media after she blew up in the video-sharing app. She usually makes lip-sync, comedy videos, and also answers her fan’s queries on her videos.

Zoe Laverne is accused of grooming a minor (Source: Distractify)

The social media personality also has a huge number of followers on other social media platforms. Recently, she has deleted her Instagram account. Laverne also makes videos on YouTube with above 4ook subscribers. Besides her career on social media platforms, she had not revealed inside details following her personal life.

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The accusation of kissing a minor

The TikTok star constantly comes in the hot seat in many controversies. Lately, she is under fire for grooming and kissing an underage inappropriately. After the disturbing allegations, other Tiktok users started signing the petition to ban her from the platform.

People on the Internet are calling the Tiktok star out (Source: YouTube)

In one of the viral videos, the Tiktok star was kissing a boy. People later identified the boy who she was kissing was Connor. Meanwhile, in some of the other videos, Connor and Zoe were cuddling, kissing, and dancing together. Furthermore, she has denied “raping” him on her Instagram live.

She stated:

“The fact that people are saying I raped my best friend, a supporter of me for three years, is unacceptable. It’s disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Moreover, her mother also stepped in to support her daughter during these ongoing allegations. She posted a video saying the Internet to leave alone.

Zoe’s mother defended her daughter saying they anyone can kiss when they are best friends. The TikTok star also mentioned in one of her statements, she will address all of her controversies once she will be back on Instagram.

Zoe Laverne is taking a break from social media for a while (Source: YouTube)

How is the Internet responding to Zoe Laverne?

After the controversy, people are calling her out for grooming an underage. Though, she explained that they were best friends and her intention wasn’t bad, Internet users are not satisfied with her explanation.

After mentioning that she caught feeling for a 13-years old in on her statement, everyone started getting angrier. If you don’t know, Zoe is 19-years old.

One of the Twitter users wrote:

“*SERIOUS* Several videos of Zoe Laverne (19) kissing 13-year-old fan surfacing. Zoe had denied allegations she had a relationship with an underage fan after a hacker exposed Zoe’s ex-boyfriend’s DMs discussing the situation.”

Some called her female predators and asked for the same treatment as male predators for her actions. Moreover, some of the Twitter users tried to the situation with role reversed. They mentioned if it was 19 years old boy kissing a 13-years old girl, the thing would go more worst.

As she made a statement trying to clarifying her actions rather than taking accountability, one of the twitters users wrote:

“They only stopped talking 3 days ago? Seems like she just got caught with an underage minor and is trying to do some clean up. gross.”

People also called out Zoe’s mother stating them as friends. A Twitter user stated:

“Exactly, this is disgusting but “oh well hahaha so quirky, she kiss her friend woah?”

There were also hoax going on about her arrest which she denied through her social media. Recently, she is taking a break from all the platforms. The TikTok star has mentioned clearing things up after she comes back to social media.

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