Five Best Mindblowing Tiktok Trends And Challenges That Went Viral On The App!

TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms all over the world in recent times. Millions of users from all over the world post various type of videos on the app. Moreover, with all the videos, the users also create different kinds of challenges and trends on a regular basis. Here are a few TikTok trends and challenges which went viral on the app.

1. DNA Test Challenge

The DNA test challenge on TikTok (Source: YouTube)

An American singer Lizzo released a song back in 2017 named Truth Hurts which had lyrics  “Just took a DNA test—turns out I’m 100% that bitch.”. The line went viral on the app where people shared their ethnicity with the lip sync on the song’s lyrics. The Tiktokers lip-synced on the line and gave a comedic twist at the end revealing their ethnicity. The tiktokers proudly shared if they are  100% ogre or hippo on the lyrics. The trend went viral on the app for a long time, and people from all around the world made a video on the sound.

2. Showcasing Art Challenge

Amazing arts on Tik Tok art challenge (Source YouTube)

There are thousands of trends and challenges on the app that people share with the hashtag. When a certain trend goes viral on the app, people start making videos with the challenge or trend hashtag. One of the challenges that went viral in 2019 is the Art challenge. On this challenge, people shared their finest artwork, sketch, clothes designs, painting, crafts, and cool displays with the hashtag of art challenge. Tiktokers shared the creative side of them on this challenge in a very creative way.

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3. Ed Sheeran’s Beautiful People Challenge

Beautiful people challenge (Source: Medium)

The popular singer Ed Sheeran released his song to which he started a trend on Tiktok on the soundtrack ‘Beautiful People’.  The singer started the trend to push his Khalid-featured song “Beautiful People”. It did not take a long time for people to notice and the trend blew off on the app. People shared the video of the beautiful people in their life, and some also shared adorable videos of their pets.

4. Respect The Drip Trend

Comedic compilation on Respect the drip Karen challenge (Source: YouTube)

Back in 2019, a trend with the line ‘Respect The Drip Karen’ went viral on Tiktok. Thousand of people made the video on this sound. People showed the storyline of their stepmom not appreciating a highly coordinated outfit. One of the TikTok users made a video with the frustration of his step-mom Karen disapproving of his latest fashion statement. However, after the video went viral on the app, people quickly made a trend posting comedic version on the sound.

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5. Wipe It Down Challenge

Tiktok Wipe It down a challenge (Source: The Daily Dot)

The ‘Wipe It Down Challenge’ went viral on the app and it was trending all over Tiktok. In this challenge people started the video wearing an outfit they woke up in. Meanwhile, they wiped down the mirror with the cleaner and appeared on the glam look while wiping down the mirror. They eventually came back to their previous outfit while they keep wiping the mirror. The challenge went viral on the sound ‘Wipe It Down’ from BMW Kenny.