Tired of Chasing? Here Are 5 ways to Get Attention From Your Partner

Tired of Chasing? Here Are 5 ways to Get Attention From Your Partner
Chasing in relationship (source: The Guardian Night News)
  • Chasing seems more tiring than it sounds, why not grab your partner’s attention instead
  • It’s high time to make your partner get an eye on you and stop chasing
  • Been through a honeymoon phase in a relationship, that lasted too short do not worry

People usually complain about not getting enough attention and continue their chasing habit in a relationship.

Do you think chasing is that healthy, and what if s/he never turns out? Make yourself noticeable instead of running behind him/her?

Well, We have some good news for you. Here comes 5 attention-seeking activities you can do if you are tired of chasing your partner.

1. Look him in the Eye

Just look into his eyes and let the emotion speak of itself about how you feel. Your loved ones who care will always cherish this sweet gesture of yours.

Chant these mantras every day,

“Crazy how I shifted the focus to myself and I’m attracting everything I wanted. Your mind is powerful, learn how to use it to its fullest extent.”

Next, you will notice that you are attracting high vibrational love, divine bliss, aligned manifestations, and soul healing.

Chasing in relationship
Chasing in a relationship (source: The Art of Charm)

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2. Words of Affirmation over Chasing

Everyone adores affirmation and craves verbal affection and praise. One’s heart gets touched if we start caring about the things one values.

You need to convey words of affirmation to them because, in the end, a simple word makes a huge difference. It’s common to feel safe and happy with someone who truly values and it is shown by affirmation words.

3. Try to Understand His Expectations

The thing you may lag is understanding his expectations. The very moment you start thinking of your partner’s needs and expectations they will surely notice you.

You don’t have to chase them, they will come because they feel complete as somebody understands them.

4. Make Yourself part of his life rather than chasing extraordinary

Understand the meaning to a deeper level, just plan an ordinary moment for you both. In binge craving of extraordinary, you are chasing for no reason.

Bene Brown once said,

Joy Comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.

Help him out in his daily schedule, and motivate him when he feels low. There is no way he can feel you less important that day. This is how you mold yourself as a part of his life and seeks his attention.

5. Live new experiences together

Living new experiences together is crucial for rediscovering each other. It helps you to live pleasant moments and also spices up the routine of your life.

Chasing in relationship
Living New Experiences Together (source: Sources of Insights)

Both of you can feel more connected by embarking on a journey of excitement, and happy memory. Your partner or crush might think,

“I never thought you could dance like that”

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What do legends have to say on Chasing?

Do yourself one favor and keep these things in mind,

“I don’t chase. I attract. What belongs to me will find me. Simple.”

Last but not least remember this,

“I used to be a chaser. I’d chase friendships, chase relationships, chase possibilities, It took me a long time to realize I was wasting energy on the wrong people. The right people won’t make you chase them. They’ll just show up.”

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