Top 4 Controversies of Camila Cabello on relationship and career!

Top 4 Controversies of Camila Cabello on relationship and career!
attends the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello is on the List of controversial figures due to her scadalicious acts.
  • She has always been the highlight of her act on social media or in her relationship life.
  • She has been embroiled in some controversy from which you cannot take her head out.

Source: One DirectionNDA (Camila Cabello Tweet)
Source: One DirectionNDA (Camila Cabello Tweet)

Her racial slur tweet on her old Twitter feed

Camila Cabello has always been active on her social media account like Twitter. Her tweet under the Twitter handle @rachetandsassy was a considerable measure of sketchy things.

Her fans were stunned by the content. She had posted some racist statements on it and many considered these acts unforgivable.

However, some like the Harmonizers sympathized with her age and stated that she was simply being youthful and stupid.

Source: (Racial post of Camila Cabelo)
Source: (Racial post of Camila Cabello)

1. Nothing goes more than her re-tweet with some faulty content on the same record

Despite, apologizing for her previous actions, she again re-tweeted and this time her target was One Direction Ex-member, Zayn Malik.

The ridiculous tweet was about Perrie Edwards and Zayn, suggesting that he was a Mexican, so Perrie was sitting tight for him at the border. Later on, she apologized for her foolishness and accepted it as stupid and immature.

Source: (Camila Cabelo tweet on Zyan Malik)
Source: (Camila Cabello tweet on Zayn Malik)

2. Camila Cabello too “Hot” Outfit in Boss

Source: Andpop (Fifth Harmony Hot Outfit in Boss)
Source: Andpop (Fifth Harmony Hot Outfit in Boss)

Fifth Harmony stars outfit in the Boss music video was extremely sexy to a few fans. Regarding the wing going around about their outfit, she dropped a quote on her social media saying:-

“There was some controversy about our outfits and how we were dressed and stuff on the “Bo$$” music video. By the day’s end, we’re the main ones that are entitled to our bodies, and you’re allowed to wear whatever makes you feel good and whatever makes you feel confident. Furthermore, that made us feel confident in the video.” Go, girl! 

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3. Camila Cabello 2-week relationship with Austin Mahone

Source: Perez Hilton (Camila Cabelon and Austin Mahone)
Source: Perez Hilton (Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone)

Ausmilla (Name given by fans for the lovebirds) took over and ended up very soon. They ended their relationship after two weeks of being together. Camila stated that she and Austin were, actually, prepared to open up to the world about their relationship, she told that the two were no more together on the grounds that “things happen.”

Recently it has been confirmed that Camila has left Fifth Harmony.

Source: Twitter (Camila on leaving Fifth Harmony)
Source: Twitter (Camila on leaving Fifth Harmony)

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Short bio on Camila Cabello

Karla Camila Cabello, better known by her on-stage name Camila Cabello. She is a Cuban-American songwriter and singer. The Cuban-American singer is extremely famous in the youth. Cabello, as a lead singer released the two singles which were debuted on the Hot 100 US. Billboard in the Top 20. Cabello is famous for “Fifth Harmony”. At the beginning of her career, she was influenced by the teen icons like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. More bio…