Former TOWIE star Kate Wright and footballer Rio Ferdinand are married in an intimate wedding three-day ceremony! Guess who was the maid of honor?

Former TOWIE star Kate Wright and footballer Rio Ferdinand are married in an intimate wedding three-day ceremony! Guess who was the maid of honor?

Actress Kate Wright and the football player Rio Ferdinand walked down the aisle together in Turkey. It was an extremely private affair and only one TOWIE star was in attendance.

The other witnesses to this three-day affair were the close friends and relatives of the former TOWIE star and also the football player. But the cutest thing was that the maid of honor was none other than little Tia who is the stepdaughter of Kate Wright.

The wedding ceremony of Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand

Former actress of TOWIE Kate Wright and her football player boyfriend of three years Rio Ferdinand were married this weekend in Marmaris, Turkey. The wedding ceremony and party were spread over three days.

But it was an extremely intimate affair as only close friends and relatives of both sides attended the marriage.

Kate’s bridesmaids at her wedding [Source: Mirror UK]
An onlooker said that it was a surprise that the wedding lacked any celebrities. Only the pregnant Lydia Bright was invited to the function. The witness said:

“It seems as if it was an overwhelmingly a family and friends affair, which is quite unusual for a high-profile wedding such as this. I was looking out for famous footballers and other figures but did not see any. Perhaps they were just keeping a low profile.”

For the last two years, Kate was taking care of the three children of Rio. And now this family union has been made official with the marriage of Rio to Kate.

Kate Wright-her maid of honor at her wedding

Kate Wright chose the daughter of Rio, Tia, 7 as the maid of honor. Tia walked down the aisle along with her stepmother Kate. Kate had 9 bridesmaids and Tia was specially picked up out of them all to be the maid of honor. It was a special tribute to the little one.

Rio was very happy at this choice of Kate as regards Tia and had earlier revealed the happiness of Tia when Kate disclosed to her at a family gathering that she would be the maid of honor.

Kate and Rio have been dating for three years [Source: Daily Mail]
The football player had written on his social media:

“What this beautiful woman has brought to all of our lives is hard to put into words. But this picture of excitement on my little girls face (pixilated but u get it) says it all.

“Surprising her by revealing that she is going to be the Maid of Honor (the girl in charge she says) on our wedding day & then to see her filled with crazy joy and excitement I could never have imagined before now.

“These are the moments that melt my heart & pushes my love for you even deeper.”

Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand-the timeline of their relationship

Rio, 40 was a widower when he met Kate, 27. The first wife of Rio was Rebecca with whom he had three children. They were Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and Tia, 7. It was a happy family but this was not to last. Rebecca developed cancer and died tragically in May 2015.

Kate with her three stepkids [Source: The Irish Sun]
Actress Kate met Rio in 2016 and they started dating. Kate began looking after the three kids of Rio and became very close to them.

She even quit the show TOWIE and was completely involved with the three children and their well-being. Kate transformed from a bubbly bikini-clad reality TV star to a devoted stepmother. She was on-off dating Dan Edgar at that time.

Kate transformed from a bikini-clad reality TV star to a devoted mother [Source: Mirror UK]
Kate had admitted previously:

“The kids are a really big part of our relationship, everything we’ve done we included them – from the first date, to me moving in, to asking me to be his girlfriend.”

She had continued:

“It is challenging but it’s just as amazing. It was always going to be a hard job, it was never going to be easy but I love it and I couldn’t imagine life without the three children.”

Source: Mirror UK