TV presenter Kelly Brook told to make bat boxes to house the rare and protected species of bats found on the roof of her Kent house!

Kelly Brook has a property in Kent which is an old historic house. An ecologic survey revealed that it is home to a rare species of bats. Hence she now has to add bat boxes as part of the renovation plan. She has redone the whole and submitted new plans with bat boxes for approval.

Kelly Brook and her Kent property

The TV presenter, Kelly Brook has property in Kent worth £1million. It is a farmhouse with a 15th Century Tudor cottage. The council people have listed the former oasthouse as Grade II and it was a guest accommodation. Kelly had purchased it in 2007 when this rural retreat near Maidstone in Kent was in complete shambles.

There is a 600 years old apple orchard in this property. Besides these, there is a potting shed and a five-acre garden, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Source: The Times UK [Kelly Brook’s Kent home]
Kelly, 39 planned to renovate the estate. She had to submit her renovations plans and blueprints of it. But due to the old nature of the building, the council advised an ecological survey as regards the building, flora, and fauna of the farmhouse.

The rare species of bats on the house roofs

The surveyor found some rare and near-extinction species of bats in the roofs of the cottage. These were a protected species and were brown with long ears. These were pipistrelle bats and the building was their home. Hence Kelly now cannot kill or drive out the bats. But instead, she had now to retain them there. In fact, she has now to make an artificial habitat for them in the form of bat boxes. The ecologist James Madden said:

“The oast house building was assessed as having a confirmed roost of likely brown-eared bats within the loft room based on concentrations of droppings.

‘The external features of the building were assessed as providing high suitability for roosting bats.’

He added:

‘Two brown long-eared bats were recorded roosting within the oast house, using the inside of the brick chimney as a day roost and the loft room as a night roost.

‘In addition, two common pipistrelle bats were recorded, one under a roof tile and one under a ridge tile.’

Source: Kent Live [Kent home of Kelly]

Kelly Brook and her renovation plans

Kelly wants to do a makeover of this old house and do it Grand Design-style. Now with the find of this rare species, she has to have them as friends on her property. She has to now make two bat boxes in the chimney to house these furry friends. She also has to put special tiles in the roof so that they can access the property even during their development. The new plan is ready and she has resubmitted it for approval.

She has filed her papers in the local council. Her planning agent Robert Anney stated:

“The functioning of the existing property is greatly improved by the proposals, providing a kitchen space on the ground floor that will interact with the garden and dining terrace.”

Source: Hello magazine [Kent home of Kelly Brook]

‘A first floor WC and en suite allow the oast house to serve as guest accommodation without the need to cross the paved terrace to use the bathroom in the main house.‘The scale and massing of the oast house remains largely unchanged when viewed from the neighbouring property with the exception of the reinstatement of the external timber staircase.

‘The effect on the character and appearance of the conservation area is limited as the alterations largely occur within the existing building.

Source: RSPB [Pipistrelle bat]

“The proposed external timber staircase follows a rustic, agricultural style that follows the vernacular of oast house buildings.‘The proposed reconfiguration works are to give a greater sense of connection between spaces, whilst providing the flexibility of living spaces and ensuring that natural light is maximized.

‘The integrity of the original building is to be maintained by sensitive and appropriate alterations.’

The last 12 years Kelly has worked on it to get it to its past glory. She resides here with her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi.

Short Bio on Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is an English model, actress and television presenter. She is popular for her role in The Italian Job in 2003 and Piranha 3D in 2010. Kelly also co-presented The Big Breakfast for 6 months. She also endorsed many brands. Kelly has also appeared in the music video of Lawson’s song Juliet in 2013. More Bio…

Source: Daily Mail