Tyla Carr; Her Relationship, Break-up, Hair Transformatation After Giving Birth To Her First Child

The 24-year-old model Tyla Carr appeared in the Lova Island villa in the search of love. In the show, she came alongside Simon Searles replacing Jess Shears and Mike Thalassitis. She admitted that she won’t be making any intimate relationship as she promised to her granddad and she will not let him down.

Tyla Carr’s breakup with boyfriend Rossco Edmonds

Tyla Carr split-up with her then-boyfriend Rossco Edmonds just after 7 months of welcoming their first child. She revealed her break-up with Rossco earlier this year in June. The former couple welcomed their son in December 2018.

Tyla admitted that she is single on Instagram saying:

Tyla Carr and Rossco Edmonds (Source; News Beezer)

“I am recently single, I’ve been super quiet because I’m really not sure what to say, it’s an awful situation, but I will explain a few things in good time. This night out was really needed so thank you to all my lovely girls. This night helped me get away from all the stress and just be me for the night. So thank you girls :).”

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After the birth of their son, Edmonds called out their engagement saying:

 “I’d like to get engaged. We’ve only been together a year. We’re going to concentrate on Archie for the time being, but it’s the next step.”

In which, Tyla added her statement saying:

 “I’d like to be engaged by the time Archie starts school. I’m not that fussed about actually getting married though.”

Tyla Carr with her son (Source: Daily Mail)

The duo realized that they were expecting a baby just after the four months of dating. While they got together, Tyla opened up about their relationship saying:

” I get on with him like he’s my best friend. We just have a great relationship. Everything is great – the sex is great and we get on like a house on fire.”

Tyla Carr’s hair transformation after having her first baby

Tyla Carr opened up about her hair transformation and the reason behind it. She revealed that she had to hide her ‘horrendous’ bald patches after the birth of her son. Moreover, she mentioned that she is missing clumps of hair, around 6cm, across her hairline after she stopped breastfeeding.

Talking about her hair, she also revealed that she was so self-conscious over her bald patches over the months that she even tried to conceal them. Tyle also used to try hiding the patches from the photographers during the events.

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Tyla Carr’s hair transformation (Source: Daily Mail)

Furthermore, Tyla talked about her hair transformation saying:

“And it’s made from pea-shoots, and it’s vegan, so I’m going to carry on taking it. My hair has grown so much longer in a short space of time, so I’m loving it.”

The reality star talked about her hair loss in July revealing she had two bald patches since she had stopped breastfeeding.

Tyla grabbed the limelight with her brief romances with late reality star Mike Thalassitis and Jonny Mitchell in 2017.

Source: The Sun, Daily Mail