6 unknown facts about the ex-wife of Shepard Smith, Virginia Donald!

Virginia Donald is the ex-wife of American broadcast journalist Shepard Smith. Even though she studied journalism but she went on to pursue a career as an actress.

After her divorce from Shepard, she went on to do some minor roles in movies and TV series. Here are 6 unknown facts about her.

Virginia Donald and Shepard Smith (Source: Legit)

1) Age of Virginia Donald

Virginia Donald was born in the year 1966 and is 54 years old at present. She was born and raised in Mississippi. Her parents were both teachers at a local high school. She is from a religious family.

2) Education

Virginia Donald attended the University of Mississippi. It is a School of Journalism and New Media previously named as Meek School of Journalism and Acting. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Ole Miss.

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3) Failed marriage with Shepard Smith

Virginia Donald and Shepard Smith met each other when they both attended the University of Mississippi. They were classmates as they both studied journalism. Shepard had a crush on her and gathered the courage to ask her out finally. The two walked down the aisle in 1987.

Virginia Donald’s husband Shepard Smith (Source: ClickOnDetroit)

They were married for almost 6 years and got divorced in 1993 after things did not work out well. They did not reveal the reason behind their divorce.

4) Virginia Donald has any Children?

Even though she was married to Shepard Smith for almost 6 years. But they did not have any children. So, Virginia does not have any children yet.

5) Ex-husband came out as gay

Donald’s ex-husband Shepard Smith shared about his sexuality finally in 2017. He opened up about his sexuality when he appeared at the University of Mississippi. He said,

“So I’m just traveling, traveling, traveling and popping up all over the world because we didn’t have enough people. And other people needed to get home… to their dog, or their children, or their wife, or their husband. And I didn’t need to do that,”

Smith added,

“I wasn’t answering my own questions, or even posing my own questions to myself about what it is that is different about me. Also, I was also trying to avoid what having a normal social life is. I didn’t need to go home and find my girlfriend or boyfriend. I just cut it off [and said], ‘Where do you want me? Next plane?’”

News reporter Shepard Smith (Source: CNBC)

At present, he does not think about his sexuality as an issue. Since opening up, he has been able to enjoy his life freely without any burden.

6) Virginia Donald on Social Media

The ex-wife of journalist Shepard Smith, Virginia has kept her life private since her divorce with Smith. She is not on any social media. She does not have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

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Short bio on Virginia Donald

Virginia Donald is an American, and from Mississippi, USA. She is even more renowned as the former wife of American anchor and journalist, Shepard Smith.

Shepard Smith is an American broadcast journalist. He joined the Fox News Channel at its 1996 inception and is known for his former role as the chief anchor and managing editor of its breaking news division. Smith is the former host of Fox News’ evening newscast. Read more bio…