Evrything About The Unsolved Mysterious Case Of Alonzo Brooks! What Actually Happened To Him?

Evrything About The Unsolved Mysterious Case Of Alonzo Brooks! What Actually Happened To Him?

Alonzo Brooks was the 23-years-old man who went to the party along with his friends in LaCygne and did not come back alive.

Netflix released a series ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ about the case that happened back in 2004 which brought people’s attention again.

He was the youngest son of his parents among the five children. Brooks was very sociable and had many friends from every community.

What happened to Alonzo Brooks?

Alonzo Brooks never came back home after the party (Source: Metro)

Alonzo went to the party at a Kansas House alongside his friend where they did not know most of the people. As per the series, at the time people were racist and judged people based on their color.

He was having a great time at the party with his friends. However, according to his friends, at a point, he was squaring up with a man at the party.

Their friends came between and defuse the fight which led to the situation being normal. Somewhere between the party after the friends went back home and Brooks with one of his friends stayed there.

When his friend went out for cigarettes, Brooks was alone at the party with all the unknown people. Afterward, his friend after getting lost on the way went back to his home.

However, he never came back from the party ever again. After a month the incident, they found the dead body of Brooks in a creek near the house outside of La Cygne, Kansas.

Alonzo Brooks’s case is still a mystery (Source: TMZ)

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Brook’s unsolved and mysterious case

When his dad found his body, it was already 4 weeks after his death. When the people investigate, the police did not find any details of the murder. Due to no spot of shot or any sign of murder, police dropped the case saying ‘Undetermined death’. At the time of the investigation, no one came forward to give any clue who was there at the party.

Everyone mentioned they did not see anything unusual happening at the event. After having no clue, Police had to close the case and it remained unsolved for over a decade now. FBI has now reopened the case offering $100K tips that will help them lead them to the case.

FBI reopened the case over a decade after Brook’s death (Source: Twitter)

The series executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer mentioned in Brooks’s case they received most of the tips. He further stated:

“Alonzo Brooks was probably [the case] we’ve received the most emails on. Lots of theories that we had already heard when we were producing the episodes, but there are some new names that have come in and that we forwarded onto the FBI.”

Additionally, he mentioned there were lots of people present at the party who will hopefully come forward and help the FBI to solve the case. As the FBI has announced the reward, this will motivate people to come forward to say what they know.

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