Some Of The Most Unusual And Strange Wedding Rituals Around The World You May Have Never Hear About !

A wedding is a sacred ceremony to tie two people together for life. Every religion and countries have different rituals they follow to officiate their wedding. Some of the rituals that people of some country follow may seem weird and unusual to us. From a bathroom ban to beating the feet of the groom, here are some of the strange and unusual rituals which you may have probably never heard of.

1. Beating the Groom’s feet to check the strength

Korean people hit the groom’s feet (Source: Listers)

This may sound very odd and very strange but people in South Korea follow the wedding rituals of beating the groom’s feet. Before the groom joins the celebration of uniting with his wife, he has to follow this ritual. The groomsmen or his family members remove his socks and bind his ankle together. They take a turn to beat his feet with a stick of dead fish before the ceremony. The people there believe that this helps to know the strength and the character of the groom. While they take a turn to beat his feet, they also ask him some questions which he should answer in between.

2. Anyone can kiss the bride and groom

Anyone can kiss the bride and groom in Sweden (Source: Pinterest)

We all have heard saying ‘You may kiss the bride’ at the end of the wedding. However, in Sweden, they have taken this ritual to the next level. In Sweden after the nuptials if the bride leaves the room for bathroom all the female attendees can kiss the groom. Followingly if the groom leaves the room all the male attendees can kiss the bride. This is one of the strangest wedding rituals we have ever heard of.

3. Spitting on the bride

This is also one of the unusual wedding rituals anyone has ever heard of. But in Kenya, in the community of Massai people, the bride’s father spits on the bride’s head and breast. They follow this ritual before the brides go with the groom after the wedding. Though this may sound gross to many people, the Massai people consider it as good luck. In their community, they spit on their hand before shaking hands with the elders. In their culture, they consider spitting as a sign of good luck and fortune.

4. Killing the baby chicks

Mongolian people kill baby chick before the wedding (Source: Pinterest)

People in inner China, Mongolia follow very strange rituals before the wedding. They follow the tradition of killing the baby chick. Before they read their vows, the couple in Mongolia cut a baby chick together and inspect the liver. If the liver is in good condition, they can set a date for their wedding. Meanwhile, if the liver is not in a good condition or if it is diseased they have to kill other baby chicks to find the good liver.

5. Honeymoon alongside mother

After the wedding, the couple goes on the honeymoon to spend time with each other and celebrate the big moment of their life. While it’s usually the only a couple who go to their honeymoon, it is not the same for some of the African tribes. In their culture, either the mom or the elder people of the family accompany the couple on their honeymoon to guide them on how to spend their wedding night. This is very strange and also weird as your mother or any other elder people of your family join you on your honeymoon.

6. No bathroom for bride and groom

Mongolian people kill baby chick before the wedding (Source: Listers)

On all the strange wedding rituals, this is one of the weirdest rituals to follow for the bride and groom. In the people of the Tidong community, the newlywed is not allowed to use the bathroom for 3 days for any purposes. The bride and the groom are not allowed to pee or poop for three days and three nights after their wedding.

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7. The blackening ritual

Scotland people follow blackening ritual (Source: YouTube)

Where people shower the bride and the groom with flowers, people of Scotland pour all the disgusting things all over the bride and groom. Though this seems very unusual and gross, people there follow this ritual to make sure the couple is ready for all the challenges in the future.

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Source: List Verse, YouTube