Vanessa Bryant Plans to Donate Proceeds From Kobe Crash Photos Lawsuit To Charity!

Vanessa Bryant Plans to Donate Proceeds From Kobe Crash Photos Lawsuit To Charity!
Vanessa Bryant will donate the proceeds of the millions she received from the lawsuit. source: Deadline
  • Vanessa Bryant is planning to donate proceeds from the $16 million judgment she won.
  • She won the lawsuit against Los Angeles County to a foundation for her late husband Kobe and daughter Gianna.
  • Kobe and Gianna died in a helicopter crash in 2020.

Vanessa Bryant will donate proceeds of $16 million to Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation

Vanessa Bryant will donate the proceeds from the $16 million that she won in a lawsuit she filed against the Los Angeles County.

She will donate the millions to Mamba and Mambacita foundation, the nonprofit foundation that offers sports education to underserved athletes.

The Mamba Sports foundation was founded in 2016 and was named after the late Lakers great’s nickname, Black Mamba.

Vanessa Bryant
The Mamba and Mambacita Foundation honors the legacy of the late Kobe and Gigi Bryant. source: CNN

In 2020, the charity was renamed to honor Bryants’ 13-year-old basketball player daughter, Gianna, who died alongside her father in the tragic 2020 helicopter crash.

Vanessa sued the department for the mental torture caused by photos taken and shared by sheriff’s deputies and firefighters of the crash victim’s bodies.

After an 11-day-trial, a LA federal jury ordered LA County to pay a total of $31 million to Vanessa and Chris Chester. Chester is an Orange County resident who lost his daughter Payton and wife  Sarah in the same crash.

Lawyers of Bryant showed the jury how the photos spread from the phones of the deputies and firefighters at the crash scene. The accident happened on a deserted hillside in Calabasas in June.26, 2020 where a total of 9 died.

Vanessa Bryant
Vanessa sued the department for taking pictures of the bodies that died in the crash. source: NY Post

Mrs. Bryant received $16 million dollars while Chris will receive $15 million in damages. The leaked graphic photos of the crash consist of the remains of the deceased ones.

Mrs. Bryant revealed that she had panic attacks after finding out that the images could be public.

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Vanessa does not want to see the graphic pictures

Vanessa’s attorney Luis Li revealed that a portion of the amount will go to the foundation. It will be a way to shine a light on Kobe and Gigi’s legacy.

Li said:

“From the beginning, Vanessa Bryant has sought only accountability, but our legal system does not permit her to force better policies, more training or officer discipline,”

He added:

‘Bryant never faltered, even when the county attempted to force her to submit to an involuntary psychiatric examination.”

The attorney’s statement, however, did not specify how much amount exactly would go to the foundation.

In November, the county tried to settle the case by paying Mrs. Bryant $2.5m over the emotional distress caused to the grieving family in the crash. She, however, refused to settle.

Vanessa Bryant
Mrs. Bryant fears that the pictures might surface online. source: People

Standing on the witness stand last week, Vanessa, sobbed and said:

“I bolted out of the house and I ran to the side of the house so the girls couldn’t see me. I wanted to run… down the block and just scream,”

Talking about the photos, Bryant concluded:

“I don’t ever want to see these photographs. I want to remember my husband and my daughter the way they were.”

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