WARNING: If Your Partner Does This 7 Things, You Are In A Toxic Relationship!

A toxic relationship can lead you to both physical and mental damage. Sometimes you may not realize you are with a toxic person as they can be manipulative sometimes. So, how do you find out how is your relationship? If your partner shows the following signs, you are definitely in a bad relationship.

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7. Judging you constantly

Toxic relationship
Never be with a judgemental person (Source: Law of Attraction)

This is one of the signs you may notice in your relationship very easily. If your partner is constantly judging you for everything you do, this is the red sign. Constructive criticism is very good in a relationship, but judging someone is not ok. If they comment you on your weight or the way to dress, or anything you do in a judging manner, you may want to get out of that relationship.

6. Narcissism at its peak

Narcissist people are the biggest red flag (Source: Thought Catalog)

People are too narcissistic is already a red sign to not be with them. However, if you notice someone too into themselves, they would definitely care less about you. On the other hand, if your partner is narcissistic, you will notice it is always about them in every way. This is also one of the red signs that you will have to be out of that relationship.

5. “I’m the victim” in a relationship

Don’t be with the one who always plays victim (Source: Life Hack)

Your significant other always tries to make you feel that they are always the victim no matter how good you treat them. This is one of the most noticeable signs that you are in a toxic relationship. Sometimes, when you are with a toxic person, they will go all the way to make them a “victim”, when you are the one suffering every time. Suppose, you come home working all day, and they will make you feel how hard they work, without even considering you are on the same page, it is a red flag.

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4. All the effort is only from you

Be careful when you are the only one to make effort (Source: Life Hack)

When you are in a relationship with someone it needs lots of effort, dedication, love, and time from both of you. If you are the only one doing all these every time, this is a sign you are with a toxic one. If you are the one always planning the dates, your night out, or any other couple activities, remember you are worth more. Moreover, if you always buy them gifts, food, or plan surprises with never getting one yourself, it is a toxic one.

3. Showing your faults around people

When they show your fault in public it is a red flag (Source: Psychology)

When you are in a relationship, you are supposed to be a team, especially on the public. But your partner tries to show you are the wrong one while you are with other people, it is a red flag. Though calling out is okay in private, but you should have each other’s back while you are with other people. This will not only feel you embarrassed but also make you down on other people’s perspectives.

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2. Never tries to solve problems

Ignoring the problems is a sign of a toxic partner (Source: Hack Spirit)

When you are with someone, you will sometimes have different opinions or you may not be on the same page. This is a common thing, but if they never try to solve the issues, it is a red flag. You are supposed to solve the issues as soon as possible for a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, if you are willing to be on the same page, and they tend to ignore all the time, remember you are in a toxic relationship.

1. Physical, mental, or verbal abuse

Toxic Relationship
Don’t be with the person who abuses in any way (Source: Wiki How)

Being with the abusive one is always one of the biggest signs of a toxic relationship. Sometimes they will abuse you mentally with all those mental scars which no one will ever notice. But this will drain you deep down to a dark place eventually. You should never be with that person who abuses you in any way because this kind of person will never change. Be careful with what type of person you are dating.