Wedding Alert! Joy-Anna Duggar’s Husband Austin Forsyth opens up about their wedding; Click to see more about their marriage and relationship

Wedding Alert! Joy-Anna Duggar’s Husband Austin Forsyth opens up about their wedding; Click to see more about their marriage and relationship
Marriage is the big day for each couple. Marriage is the relationship where husband and wife not only shares happiness and love but also stands for each other at their bad times. Every couple enjoys with each other and shares love before a wedding. Also, the couple’s happiness is more in becoming husband and wife.
Source: In Touch Weekly(Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth)
When it comes to the love life of the celebrities, we all are curious to know more about them. And also being the fan, we admire when a celebrity opens up about their personal life. While on the other hand, some don’t prefer to open up much to their fans There are many celebrities who have made their personal life an open book. Joy-Anna Duggar officially married her fiance Austin Forsyth. We know almost everything about them. Scroll to know more about their relationship.

Congratulations to the couple!

No pre-wedding jitters here!. Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar meet up before saying “I do”. The couple’s favorite wedding-day moments will be adding On’s Monday, June 12when season opening. According to the US Weekly,  the couple passionately talks about becoming husband and wife. In addition, Joy-Anna said that:

“This is definitely the day that I’ve been waiting for for a very long time,””I can’t believe that it’s already here.”

Source: people(Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth)

Austin adds that:

  “today is the day that I have dreamed about and prayed about for pretty much as long as I can remember.”

When an off-camera producer asks the pair what they think their beloved part of the celebration will be, according to  Joy-Anna, it was when they exchanged their  vows while Austin said:

“putting the wedding ring on her finger.”  

Wedding Details of the Lovebirds Joy-Anna Duggar and his fiance Austin Forsyth

Another wedding on the town! Well, hearing the word wedding, there comes a goosebump in all of us. Isn’t it? This is the big day of the couple’s life. People opt for the wedding to give their relationship a look. Now, it is the time to the couple of the town who recently got hitched. Joy-Anna Duggar officially married her fiance Austin Forsyth. Let’s congratulate the newly married couple and wish them a very happy and healthy life ahead together. Read the full story here…

Source: In Touch Weekly (Joy-Anna Duggar Marries Fiance Austin Forsyth)

The conservative Duggar household

The Duggar family is devout Baptist. They value faith in God, modesty, and purity. The family has male domination and female subservient roles in the household.Also, they don’t adopt birth control measures since they feel that God is the controller and decides on the number of children they would have.Moreover, Duggar’s have twenty children; the last one they welcomed in December 2016.

Source: Womanist(Joy-Anna Duggar)

They also favor chaperoned courtship for their children. Furthermore, conservative Duggar’s limit the time interval between the engagements to marriage to not more than few months since they want to avoid bad press before the route to the altar. No Doubt, the family tries to keep happenings and important conversations out of the glare of the media. They have strict rules related to behavior in public for their kids. The kids should adorn a decent dress and preferably avoid shorts. Read the full story here: 

Update on the couple’s married life

In February 2018, Joy-Anna delivered a baby boy.

More about Joy-Anna Duggar

Joy-Anna Duggar is an American actress & Reality Television star, known for 17 kids and counting (2008), Today and 14 Chikdren and Pregnant Again (2004). See more bio…