All the wedding details on Chris Fowler and girlfriend turned wife, Jennifer Dempster’s fairy tale marriage ceremony

Chris Fowler and his wife, Jennifer Dempster met for the first time in 1990 in an ESPN company on the occasion of the Christmas party. Gradually their love grew. Then after dating for some time, in 2006, Chris decided to get married.

So, Chris planned to surprise Jennifer. They went to Paris to meet one of their friends, Lance Armstrong. One fine morning, they were in the hotel on the balcony having coffee. Then Chris surprised her by proposing to live with him forever and get married. What next? She agreed!

Marriage Plans

What’s more fun than planning for the marriage?

They booked the venue at the breathtaking grounds of Oheka Castle so the cake was also ordered from there. Jennifer’s gown was bought from Lazaro and Chris’ tuxedo was bought from Lombardo Custom Apparel.

Their make-up artist was Donna Bardot and hair by Jennifer Mayer / G. Zay Michaels Salon. The most important thing, flowers! Flowers were bought from the florist Andrew Pascoe Flowers.

Jim Hjelm was chosen as a bridesmaid. Their ring was designed by Chris Fowler and Raffi Fine Jewelry. To capture the beautiful moments, they had hired Marquee. The diamond of the ring was yellow which Jennifer loved!

Source: Manhattan Bride(Jennifer Dempster & Chris Fowler)

Post Marriage Plans

After the wedding, they planned their honeymoon at the exotic places in South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

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Why they chose Oheka Castle as their venue for marriage?

We can call this their destiny or Jennifer’s favorite place during her childhood. She shares,

“As a little girl, I could see the top of the castle from my school bus stop. And when we called the castle to inquire about weddings, the phone number was very familiar — it was the old number from the house I grew up in. It was kismet.”

Friend’s say

The couple’s friend used to jokingly call them as ‘Green Acres’ couple. This is because Chris is from the mountains of Colorado and Jennifer is from New York.

Source: Manhattan Bride(Bridesmaid)

The Day

After so much planning and hurdles, they had finally arrived for The Day. It was their most awaited day, their wedding day. Furthermore, the venue looked like the fairy tale castle as the sun was setting in Oheka’s gardens during the ceremony. Everyone was having a very good time. Similarly, some were enjoying on the dance floor and some were enjoying the varieties of cuisines.

All’s well that ends well. It was a perfect night. Jennifer said,

“at night’s end a full moon rose over the castle filled with family and friends.”

Jennifer Dempster

Jennifer Dempster is a formal fitness model and instructor. In 1990, she had her popular show which was broadcasted by ESPN on BodyShaping. She has also done the movies like Marci X, Runway, On the Make, etc.

Currently, their marriage is going well as there is no rumors or news of extra-marital affair or divorce. They have no children yet.

Source: Pinterest(Jennifer Dempster)

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Short Bio on Chris Fowler

Chris Fowler is a sports broadcaster for ESPN from the USA. He was passionate about hosting since his school days itself. He has hosted his college football. Moreover, he has been awarded Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Edited Sports Anthology/Series. More bio…