The weird and silly brutal sport! The controversial YouTuber Logan Paul backs out from the sport of slapping each other unconscious!

This is how the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul had been practicing for an upcoming slapping competition in Russia. But he has now decided to withdraw himself from the brutal sports after it left a man unconscious due to his hard slap.

Logan Paul uploads a video

YouTuber Logan Paul has been of late uploading videos on his social media where he is seen practicing slapping. This he was doing to take part in the forthcoming slapping competition which would be held in Russia. The videos show Logan slapping hard a bat-like plastic board which is attached to a spring. With the impact of the slap of Logan, the board goes down but Springs back in place after the impact is over. He has been sharing his experience at the practice of slapping on his Instagram stories with his fans.

Logan Paul puts up another horrific video

Recently, Logan put up another video in which he slaps a man hard. The man falls down unconscious. People rush to his aid. But luckily, the man was only unconscious and nothing sinister happened. He regained consciousness after some time. Otherwise, Logan would have been in legal trouble again.

Logan Paul backs out

Logan after this incident has decided to withdraw his name from the competition. He put up a statement:

“Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate event that took place during practice today, I have decided not to participate in the upcoming slap competition,”

He continued:

“Based on today’s incident and the aftermath, it became clear that I don’t have the desire to participate in an event that can result in serious injury to virtually anyone competing.

“I have the deepest respect for the sport and athletes involved; however, I feel my decision will preserve the health and wellness of everyone competing.”

The promoter of this event is Generation Iron. Logan said that he will not participate but continue to be a fan of the sport. Generation Iron on 17 May had put up a video announcing that Logan would be part of their sport. After looking at the videos and finding out more details on the sports, it comes to light that knocking each other unconscious is part of the game.

About the brutal game

Vice has elaborated on this sport saying:

“You walk up to a white table, stand across from your opponent and slap his face, then, if he so chooses to return fire, you take a slap in the face. The two of you repeat this as many times as necessary until one bows out of the beautiful slap dance either on your own volition or by being knocked out.”

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Short Bio on Logan Paul

Logan Paul is an American actor and a Youtuber who is immensely popular for his videos and 9.4 million followers in a now-defunct video application, 6-second video app, Vine. He is mainly eminent for his Facebook account over 13 million likes which helped him produce enormous popularity on his videos. More Bio…

Source: Insider