Wendy Williams supports lawyer Joe Tacopino’s comments on Cardi B’s attires in court!

Cardi B is embroiled in an assault case about a strip club brawl in 2018. The lawyer of the alleged victims talked about her attire in court in a recent interview given to New York Post. Cardi B defended her outfits but her friend and fan Wendy Williams was not in Cardi B’s favor!

Lawyer Joe Tacopino airs his views on Cardi B’s court attires

Cardi B has an ongoing case against her. The matter is in court now and it is about an alleged brawl she had in a strip club last year. She had allegedly assaulted some people there. They had made a police complaint and Cardi B has to attend the court hearings for it. The lawyer of the alleged victims, Joe Tacopino noted that Cardi B wears inappropriate dresses to the courtroom. He had given an interview to New York Post which the paper published on 13 July 2019. He had said:

“Cardi treats her trips to the courthouse like a runway show,”

Source: Sputnik International (Cardi B in court)

He continued:

“Here’s a woman who got indicted by a grand jury with felony charges, and appears to only be concerned about what she’s wearing,”

“There’s going to be a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment with her, because it’s not consistent with someone who’s taking this seriously.”

Cardi B and her comments on Joe Tacopino’s criticism of her dressing style in court

Cardi B noticed this and put up a series of Instagram videos on 14 July after she celebrated her daughter Kulture’s first birthday. She said:

“I don’t talk about my case, but this really upset me because this lawyer gonna go to the press… and talk about the way I dress when I go to court,”

Source: Instagram (Cardi B)

She continued with her rant:

“I don’t dress inappropriate when I go to court. I dress like a young f–king lady. Where am I supposed to get my suits from, H&M? Why are you worried about the way I dress?”

“That just goes to show you that y’all do this shit for press. I went to court six times already for a f–king misdemeanor,”

“There was one time I went to court with no makeup on. Just motherf–king ChapStick.”

You’re bothered by the way I dress. I cannot control that there’s 100 cameras outside every time I go to court… Ya’ll be using my name for press… If I was a man it would not bother you,”

She revealed that she has worked for prison reforms and taunted Joe for his stepdown and comments on her wear. She said:

“You are a lawyer that represents an artist that’s standing up for prison reform, something that I have donated money to… and [you’re] worried about what a woman is putting on her body when she goes to fu–king court? Get the f–k out of here.”

She has now deleted these videos.

Wendy Williams has some advice for Cardi B

Wendy Williams, 54 is a fan of Cardi and her style. But she was with Joe on his comments. Wendy said on her talk show on 16 July:

“As a woman I do have to say, Cardi, it’s like wearing a fur coat to the welfare office, and a splash of diamonds. There’s some things that you kind of just don’t do,”

Source: Metro (Wendy)

She went on:

“There’s 2 things you fear in my opinion — death and court,”

“I love Cardi, don’t take this the wrong way, but this is [a message] for everybody going to court: You have to have a certain amount of humble respect for why you’re there,”

Wendy elaborated:

“This is a very wealthy woman, and she’s got very lovely breasts, but there’s a time and a place to show them, but I wouldn’t wear this to court… You don’t carry a multi-thousand dollar bag… She’s too couture for court and the Birkin bag, you don’t carry that to court. Cardi don’t hate me, I’m just talking my truth, I do it everyday. Sometimes men don’t need to say anything about how a woman can dress herself, like shut up!”

Short Bio on Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is an American television host, actress, author, fashion designer, and former radio personality. Most people know her as the host of the nationally syndicated television talk show, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. More Bio…

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