What is the real reason of divorce of Shepard Smith? Is he a gay? Here’s the answer, Have a look

Well, guys if you watch Fox News Channel then, you probably know about this famous and renowned news anchor. This anchor has established himself as a skilled professional.

Source: Queerty (Fox News enabler Shepard Smith)
Source: Queerty (Fox News enabler Shepard Smith)

Let me make it clear, I am talking about the famous news anchor Shepard Smith. Nowadays, he has been in the center of light due to some rumors regarding his sexuality. People are eager to know whether he is homosexual or straight.

Marital relationship of Shepard Smith and Divorce

Shepard Smith previously shared the marital relationship with Virginia Donald. The duo got married in the year of 1993. Virginia Donald was the crush of Shepard from the beginning. They dated for a while and then took the next step by exchanging the vows.

They met for the first time at Ole Miss while studying broadcast and journalism. They were in the same batch.

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Source:link.allindonews.com (Shepard Smith and Virginia Donald)
Source: link.allindonews.com (Shepard Smith and Virginia Donald)

The couple was captured happy with each other for a certain time. Before the marriage, they shared the perfect bond with each other. But soon problems crept up in their marital life. After six years of marriage, they decided to part their ways and took a divorce. Both moved on in their own way. They don’t have any children together.

Both of them preferred to keep their mouth closed regarding the divorce. But there was a rumor that the reason for the divorce was the sexual orientation of Shepard Smith i.e. he is was a “Gay”.

Questions about his sexual orientation

After the rumor, there are many questions which would arise in your mind. So here’s the answer to all your confusion.

Source: liverampup.com (Giovanni Grazino)
Source: liverampup.com (Giovanni Graziano)

According to the Gawker, he may be romantically linked with a fellow Fox News staff named Giovanni Graziano, commonly known as “Gio.” Gio joined Fox News as a production assistant in 2011.

He was later transferred to Fox Business Network as an associate producer for Varney and Co. But the transfer was assumed to be handled by Shepard himself to avoid the rumor to be linked with his fellow staff Giovanni Graziano.

Source: Heavy.com (Shepard Smith and Giovanni Grazino)
Source: Heavy.com (Shepard Smith and Giovanni Graziano)

This is not the only thing to believe the rumor. Gawker also mentioned that they both were seen together in many bars on multiple occasions. Among all the places, a bar called ‘Bathtub Gin’ was the place they visited frequently.

The things came in front of Gawker when reporters talked to one of the waitresses of the bar to whom Shepard had shouted because she was a little late in refilling the glass. And the incident wasn’t the first time, he was noticed unexpectedly shouting many times.

There’s more to know about Shepard Smith

The story doesn’t end here. Shephard was in arrested in November 2000 by the Florida Police in the case of an aggravated battery with another fellow reporter over the issue of a parking space.

Source: Gawker (Shepard Smith and . Mr.Roger Ailes)
Source: Gawker (Shepard Smith and Mr.Roger Ailes)

Another report of Gawker mentions that he was ready to face the public openly regarding the sexual orientation, which was plainly denied by the president of the Fox News Channel. Mr.Roger Ailes described that the conservative audience of Fox News is yet not ready to handle a gay anchor.

Shepard once actively supported Anti-Gay “hater” in a live coverage of the release of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis from prison. But this thing made different questions like”Does this suggest he is fighting for his right? Or is this just a part of his professionalism?”


In May 2017, Shephard opened up about his sexuality during a speech at the University of Mississippi. He said that he was gay and in a happy relationship with another man. He added that his coming out did not have any negative impact on his job.

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Know more about Shepard Smith

Shepard Smith is an American television news anchor. He is the former host of Fox Report with Shepard Smith and Studio B weekdays. In October 2013, he became the host of Shepard Smith Reporting as well as the managing editor of Fox News Channel’s Breaking News Division. See more bio…