The Whereabouts! Where is the gaming YouTuber SeaNanners aka Adam Montoya?

The Whereabouts! Where is the gaming YouTuber SeaNanners aka Adam Montoya?
  • SeaNanners or Adam Montoya was a famous gaming YouTuber.
  • But he is nowadays no more making videos.
  • What could be the reason for it?
  • Why has Adam quit the YouTube channel? 

His last video had come up in mid-May 2018. His last tweet was also around that time and after that no more.

So where exactly is he now?

The career graph of SeaNanners or Adam Montoya

SeaNanners was a famous video game commentator. He began his online career in August 2009 when he made and posted his first video on his new YouTube channel. It featured the Call of Duty gameplay.

The same year but in the end, he made a partnership deal with Machinima [now defunct gaming platform] and was with their Machinima Respawn channel. Here, he used to host shows with his co-hosts Scott Robison (Mr. Sark), Shaun Hutchinson (Hutch), and ChilledChaos.

Adam Montoya is a gaming YouTuber and has now quit for a year or so [Source: YouTube]
SeaNanners went on to do collaborations with his fellow YouTubers such as Max Gonzalez (GassyMexican), Markiplier, and Tom Cassell. He also did other video work but outside the video game commentary work.

This included the voicing of Taskmaster in TinyCo’s mobile game app Marvel Avengers Academy in the year 2016. His performance was at its peak this year.

He also created and starred in the adult animation called Paranormal Action Squad for the YouTube channel Red. Mr. Sark and Evan Fong (VanossGaming) were also with him in this work.

SeaNanners and his popularity and the quit

After 2009, SeaNanner’s work graph had been an upward one. When he quit last year, his channel boasted a subscriber count of 5.5 million and his videos already had 2.5 billion views. His rate of upload was a few videos per month.

But in 2018, this rate further fell. In that year, he released just 6 videos the whole year. His last video was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in mid-May 2018. His Twitter account also lies deserted.

Adam Montoya or SeaNanners has probably quit the YouTube channel but for some time [Source: YouTube]

SeaNanners-Where is he?

Now for over a year, SeaNanners is seen nowhere. No one knows where he is and when is he going to join back to content video making for his YouTube channel. But his fans would be happy to learn that SeaNanners has not disappeared from the surface of this Earth.

He is very much alive and kicking and has only taken the much-needed break from content making. In the last video, he talked about how he, his girlfriend, and their cats have been globe-trotting and his access to a PC is limited. He has not been occupied with his home renovation.

SeaNanners is seen here with his girlfriend. But he has disappeared from his YouTube channel (Source: Nailbuzz]

Though he made no videos for his own channel, he was seen in his fellow YouTubers’ videos. This was in November 2018 in a Twitch clip of Shaun ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson. When asked why he is no more making videos, SeaNanners said that he has not quit his career but only paused for some time since he was tired and working round the clock. He sold his West LA house for $ 2.5 million and thus generated some income.

Short Bio on Adam Montoya or SeaNanners

Adam Montoya is an American video game commentator. He is famous for being a video game commentator on YouTube. He is widely known by his online alias SeaNanners. Adam is popular for co-starring in an adult comedy animated YouTube show, The Paranormal Action Squad since 2016. He has his own YouTube channel called SeaNanners. More Bio…

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