Who is the husband of Meteorologist Alexandra Steele? Does she have any child? Click to know the answers!

Who is the husband of Meteorologist Alexandra Steele? Does she have any child? Click to know the answers!
  • A very famous weather channel reporter, Alexandra Steele is best known for her TV career
  • Let’s learn more about her!

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Who is Alexandra Steele married to?

As there is no fixed information about Alexandra Steels’s married life, it is suspected that Jim Cantore could be her husband. The main reason behind this rumor is that Jim had ended his seventeen years relationship with Tamra Cantore in the year 2007.

Alexandra Steele and Jim Cantore worked together as an anchor for the 7 p.m. Eastern hour of Weather Center in TWC. Most of the time, they are spotted making a lot of fun together during their shoot. Many people also believe them to be close.

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This is the video that proves so much fun that the couple, Alexandra, and Jim have together. In the video, Jim compares Alexandra to Austin Powers. They are never bored with each other.

However, the couple has not spoken anything about the relationship.

Past relationships of Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore was married to Tamra Cantore and has two children.

However, now the couple has separated. His ex-wife was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

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Alexandra Steele’s child

Alexandra Steele had given birth to a baby girl in October 2008. The news of her pregnancy was flashed only when she took leave from her job for her health.

Later on, she continued her professional life after the baby girl was born.

Source: Youtube (Alexandra Steele)

Currently, Alexandra Steele is residing in Atlanta with her husband and her daughter. The name of her husband is not known.

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Short Bio on Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore is a reputed journalist and meteorologist from America. He got huge recognition after he started working with the American satellite television channel, The Weather Channel. In addition, Jim is best known for his extraordinary works in live coverage such as Hurricanes Ike, Gustav, Katrina, Isabel, Rita, and much more. Besides this, he has also won the NOAA award in 2002. More bio…