Why did Whoopi Goldberg suffer hearing loss? Learn the reasons of this American actress-comedian’s premature listening disorder and her advice to the young generation!

Why did Whoopi Goldberg suffer hearing loss? Learn the reasons of this American actress-comedian’s premature listening disorder and her advice to the young generation!

Whoopi Goldberg’s hearing loss

The Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg, 64 had revealed in 2011 to the National Enquirer about her hearing loss. She had also confessed that the premature hearing loss was due to her long years of listening to loud music.

Whoopi Goldberg said:

“I attribute my own hearing loss – which, by the way, is suffered by thousands of people in varying degrees – to years and years of listening to music so loudly and so close to the delicate ear drum.”

Source: The View (Whoopi Goldberg on the 'The View')
Source: The View (Whoopi Goldberg on the ‘The View’)

Whoopi Goldberg is unable to hear low tones and sounds and hence has to wear small hearing aids which luckily get hidden under her locks of hair.

The Comedian is an advocate for the Starkey Hearing Foundation which urges youngsters to lower the amplitude of their speakers and avoid Walkmans and headphones in order to save their ear drums and prevent early hearing loss.

In 2015, Whoopi had made an appearance on the ‘THE View’ show and talked about her hearing loss. She said:

“I have hearing aids… I wear them at my house, mostly because I like everything really loud. Sixties’ rock ‘n’ roll, you go to a concert and you’re standing right next to the speakers. It’s amazing we can hear anything.”

She added:

“If you have any hearing loss, make sure you go and get yourself checked out, because… if you can stop it, you should.”

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Hearing loss

Hearing loss is said to be present when there is hearing impairment and the person is unable to hear sounds of certain frequencies making it difficult for him/her to understand normally spoken speech or conversation. The person may find telephonic conversation hard to understand.

The hearing impaired person may require increasingly higher volumes of the speech to understand it. He/she may ask for TV, radio, and music volumes to be put higher. There may be associated ringing sounds in the ears (tinnitus) or feeling of disequilibrium (vertigo).

Source: Everyday Hearing (Hearing loss)
Source: Everyday Hearing (Hearing loss)

This could be due to varied reasons, but noise pollution, loud music, and loud sounds close to the ear drums are increasingly been implicated as the cause of the rising deafness.

The hearing loss could be due to conductive (ear canal problems), sensorineural or mixed. Audiometry can diagnose the presence, type, and severity of this hearing impairment.

In the modern society with exposure to loud volumes of sound, periodic testing for hearing loss is important. The cause responsible for the hearing problem should be managed.

Hearing aids may benefit many. But as the wise have said ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Save the ears from the detrimental effects of high sounds and loud music.

Ear phones are best avoided. Take medical assistance for any ear problems. Do regular hearing tests.

The Hearing is one of the five senses of humans with a vital role in communication! Protect it from loss!

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Hearing aids

Hearing aids are devices used to enhance hearing. Whoopi Goldberg is using one such device. They are used by hearing impaired persons as a remedy.

It could be body worn aids, behind the ears aids, in the ears aids, invisible in canal aids, extended wear aids, open-fit aids which leaves the ear canal open, self programmable aids, disposable aids, bone-anchored aids, and eyeglass aids.

Just like any medical device, these aids also require care and should be cleaned regularly with a clean soft and dry cloth.

Source: Hearing Aids Know (Hearing aids-different types)
Source: Hearing Aids Know (Hearing aids-different types)

Moisture should not be allowed to enter this sensitive device. Battery changes and listening checks should be frequently done to have an effective hearing aid in place.