WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London after his asylum was withdrawn by Ecuador government!

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks who is on the criminal list of the USA, has been arrested by the British police in London. He remained holed in at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012. Ecuador had provided him with asylum but has now withdrawn it.

Julian Assange arrested in London

Julian Assange had leaked reams of secret documents of the USA government and the USA government wanted him for this criminal act. But he had managed to escape and the Embassy of the country of Ecuador in London provided him with protection since 2012. The Ecuadorean government had initially provided Julian with a political asylum but now has decided to withdraw it. Hence after the withdrawal of the asylum, the British police entered the Embassy premises and captured him.

Source: Irish Times (Julian)

The various media houses released video footage of the arrest. In it, British police personnel in plain clothes were leading a bearded Julian down the steps of the red brick embassy which is situated in the rich locality of Knightsbridge in central London. A gray police truck was waiting down and the police put him into it.

Why the Ecuadorean government withdrew the asylum?

In June 2012, Julian took refuge in Ecuador Embassy to avoid arrest and extradition to Sweden where he has sexual assault allegations but he denies them. He had said that these charges were levied on him falsely so that the Swedish legal system could hand him over to the USA. That case could also resume now.

But now, the head of the government of Ecuador, President Lenin Moreno tweeted that his country had decided to withdraw the support and shelter to Julian due to his repeated violations of international conventions and daily-life protocols. Julian had become an irritant for Ecuador ‘s relations with the UK, the USA, and other countries. The problems Julian did were: the installation of electronic interference equipment, the blocking of security cameras, and attacks on guards. Though Ecuador had given Julian asylum, their relationship was a rough one. They wanted to expel him and had made an agreement with the UK government about it. The countries involved had made extensive dialogues and after them arrested Julian.

Source; Rolling Stone (Julian)

Once they made this decision, the London police sprang into action and swiftly arrested Julian.

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The reaction of the USA government

The USA government said that it is aware of the arrest of Julian in London. Marc Raimondo who is a Justice Department spokesman said:

We are aware of the reports that Julian Assange was taken into custody by United Kingdom authorities. We refer you to the U.K. for comment regarding the arrest.

The USA government has charged Julian, 47 of leaking their classified documents. He also faces a charge in the UK of jumping bail. The Westminster Magistrates’ Court had issued a warrant made in 2012 to arrest Julian for failing to surrender to the court. They reactivated this warrant now.

Source: Wired (Julian)

There is also a suspicion that Julian had helped Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. He had released some sensitive material which someone stole from Hilary Clinton’s computers.

Source: The New York Times